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  1. My biggest gripe and definite weakness has been trimmed to one thing Alorael. I start a game-Im siked, enjoying the story, the characters, then it comes to combat which starts all at once. When combat is simplistic even if I don't like the game as much, I will still stick around I guess. With Mass effect-I had the odds stacked way against me on this one. Although I still shouldn't hate on them which your right. I bought the system and was eager to play as after all bioware was my favorite developer. As soon as I got the system the game wouldn't read. I was having major trouble with combat and the game would crash when I did something right for once. I took the game back to the store 5 times and exchanged for brand new ones and it would do same. I bought another system 4 years later and turned in 3 games with the same problem. From there, I just kind of figured that console had lost any credibility. I stopped thinking of playing Dragon Age 1 and then 2 as computers are too expensive to get for the game and the right specs is even trickier. I'll admit I shouldn't hate but post 2004, I can't say that a game came out I played that I did like. I'd give it a second chance but only if I get another computer or mac down the line.
  2. I like games where picking stats is more prevalent. The reasoning is that you slowly watch your character go from weak to ok to strong to really hard to kill. Its like watching someone's future unfold. As you said, Bloodlines is something I will eventually like to complete at least once. I always mid game. Kotor 1 I completed twice and it was awesome. Kotor 2 I haven't completed yet but will eventually. A lot of Mass Effect 1's problem came from a few things. I was not able to understand the tactics in the games with buffs and what not. Coupled with my poor ability to maneuver around with guns. Im not completely opposed to shooters so long as I understand what to do. In this case I don't. On top of that I always got stuck around the facility in mid game and I got lost. And finally the xbox 360 would crash all the time with all my games and I eventually got 2 red ring of deaths. The story was good I think as were the characters. If I could play it on my mac I would give it a try but I doubt that is possible with the high tech specs. So again, the specs are laughing at me. So yes, one of the things I like about the older games is that they ACTUALLY are not as much of a pain step by step process to play/get to play. Im sure there are a lot of ok/good games out there I haven't played, but the process of getting them to work on a console/computer is $600 or more. And even then they might crash on console. And losing that amount of money is not something I will do lightly.
  3. I tried the Elder Scrolls but in 3rd person mode you can melee the main boss 5-10 levels before you are supposed to with the right gear. If I tried doing that with Avernum I would die horribly horribly. I don't know-Im used to getting destroyed in games I play, when I dont get destroyed I'm doing something wrong. Horribly wrong. 3rd person works sometimes but as long as it doesn't switch back to 1st person. I don't mind Vampire Bloodlines only because there are actually choices in game and combat is challenging. You can get destroyed if you don't play battles the right way. Instead of take out the mage, its take down the melee guy!
  4. I would play Dragon Age, if a regular computer could play it. I find that thats the only reason I haven't dug into it yet. As for Mass Effect, I don't play first person shooters and don't like rpgs that try and somewhat play at being a first person shooter. Also first person just is flat out lame. Its not convenient with the controls like the other games. I don't think Ive had 1 good experience from a 1st person game and Gothic series didn't do much to help that. Jade Empire was alright and I liked it for the most part. Still no Kotor 1 though. Tides of Numera is another good choice and I forgot about that. Eternity said in their info that they are making specs much less than usual games now. Im gonna laugh if my computer can play Eternity just fine (2014) while Dragon Age 1 still wont play on my computer.
  5. A cake is only good with icing if one of the women in mother's family makes. With icecream is great no matter who makes. Sadly, I cant mail you a cake. If I knew of a way I would.
  6. Symphony of Spam? I'll contribute to that..... Wait, I already did.
  7. Books are good when they are awesome and easy to read. Im reading a book right now that is short but the story is so concise and awesome how can you refuse? Master of Chains-Dungeons and Dragons Fighters Book #1
  8. A lot of my favorite games have very little amounts of music tracks. There's like 2-5 in Planescape. Its not required if your game that you are playing is just that awesome. Avadon, Avernum and Geneforge are epic with or without music. Jeff might add tracks when Avadon 2 comes out in Oct 30 and President Obama thanks Jeff for what he did
  9. Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape Torment, Neverwinter Nights, Vampire Redemption, Kotor 1 and 2 and Spiderweb are staying. Everything else goes bye as I find that I just don't get into most turnbased rpgs anymore. As soon as Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition came out, turnbased games are really hard to play now unless I really like them which in many cases I don't. I wish I could say why Im not really into them anymore. (Bg3, Project Eternity). This is like when they burned books in Germany Well, actually no as Im not really burning anything. Just deleting, and double deleting. And turning off the computer. Then waking up turning it back on.
  10. Well that's it then isn't it? It would seem that there are still sane people making my favorite games out there. Project Eternity is where its at. My favorite games would definitely be the isometric real time with pause games like Planescape Torment, Baldurs Gate and even a little Icewind Dale. You get to control a party, pause at any time and give orders. Make a smaller party with more pressure or bigger party with more intensity. When that comes out in 2014 prepare a sledgehammer for your old computer with Dragon Age, Mass Effect and other garbage out the window. Ok maybe that's overdoing it but still the point is driven home. As soon as that comes out all other turnbased games I play except Spiderweb are going out the window.
  11. The best short stories are usually the ones that can be "concise" and "unique" all in their own right. I wrote a number of comedy stories and out of them all only one Ive been told when in class was both unique and concise. Its interesting as you wish that all of your stories can be home runs. The funny thing is sometimes people like your stories that you don't favor as much. Thats when you really get surprised. Oh and don't focus as much on grammar as on plot and story. You can put the finishing touches on that stuff later before you are done. I went to a site named Scribd which not only destroyed my morale but made it so I stopped writing for a year
  12. Im sure jeff is alright. After all, he's a parent with kids. The difference is he happens to be a parent that wrote about his kids. Maybe the other child found the manuscript and secretly plotting something
  13. Is the slith king like 3 attacks per round and stunning blow or whatever? In the remake he gets a few attacks but also gets a berserker attack every 3 rounds on everyone.
  14. I actually haven't started up yet. I played in the past. I was more wondering what lvl would be a good choice to fight king. I fought in remake at lvl 20 or 19.
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