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  1. Yes, that is what I'm saying. I want to maximize the proportion of the game that is engaging and reduce the wasted waiting time. It will make the game more immersive to do this. It depends on how you play the game. On lower difficulties, you can just breeze through and ignore half of the stuff. But on higher difficulties, I have to go back and forth more, chip away at a few different zones at the same time, run away to reload essence, go back to pick that lock, go back to loot stuff you didn't have room for in your inventory the first time, etc. So all that walking really adds up then. If y
  2. Yes, I should have clarified. Combat walk speed is fine. With combat on, I move much faster. I think if I were playing without creations, it would be faster for me to leave combat on all the time, and that could be a work around. The only thing is, its turn-based.
  3. I'm not looking to change the outcome of the game, just to reduce the downtime. Could the mob speed also be increased so it stays relatively the same? Travel is tedious. I don't recall it being this slow in the other Spiderweb games.
  4. I saw in an older forum for the original game that you could edit parameters in the GFitemschars.txt file, but the parameter they mentioned doesn't seem to be in this file, just ones for the creations. Maybe the PC parameter has been moved. It has to be in there somewhere though.
  5. I'm wondering if there is a way to speed up my walk speed. I like that there's auto pathing so I can click and the shaper will move, but all the waiting is tiresome. Can I tweak a setting to make my shaper run all the time instead? I'm thinking it's probably in the settings somewhere. And if I don't have to create a new character, that's even better. And if there's a setting to apply it to my creations as well, even better. Thanks!
  6. The like button didn't work, so I'll add a comment. I agree - dread curses are too freely given and too hard to remove. Also dark thoughts... huh?
  7. And there it is, in the desk. Can't believe I missed it. Searched that zone like 5 times and missed that desk every time. Thanks!
  8. I see that there is a switch behind a door that I cannot open to free the slaves. They won't talk to me until they are freed. I cleared the level and did not find a key to the door. I didn't see any hidden switches anyway. I don't get a message saying I need a higher Tool Use skill to pick the door. How do I free the Nephil Slaves for the quest?
  9. The idea of automatic game/scenario game creation intrigues me. If anyone remembers the game/program Adventure Construction Set by Stuart Smith (mid 80's), you could make games with sub-areas within the game. There was also an option to have the computer finish making the game for you (or make the whole thing). The scenarios frequently didn't make sense as to the storyline, but it was fun exploring the zones and fighting the monsters. I once read that soap operas could be written with a program...sort of like a mad lib type thing...blanks could basically be filled in, and plots
  10. Hmmm. Ok, I didn't know it was intended to be that way. It would be nice if one of the characters told you that - like the Chief. I assumed that I'd be welcome there after whacking the evil Queen.
  11. After doing the Goag-mar quest to kill the queen, I ran around and did some other quests, then returned to clear the place out. However, the secret passage to lower Goag is blocked and the portcullises up in the center are closed. The disappearance of the secret door seems to be a bug...how can I fix this?
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