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  1. If I'm remembering correctly the older games increased exp for higher difficulties..exile I think? I could very well be wrong.
  2. I Guess I'll state the obvious and say theres an option in the menu to slow down movement. Goes from snap to slow or something. Though I warn you I nearly killed myself traveling across the open map its so slow. I like it indoors and in combat though.
  3. Is Holy Scourge meant to actually cause random curses, or is the tooltip just for "flavor"? Because it doesn't seem to unless that is at higher levels
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b23YRVtuecA Cover by Bowie of It's Hard to be a saint in the city off of Springsteen's 1st album (Greetings from Asbury Park NJ). I'll do a reverse too. I dislike Manfred Mann's cover of Blinded by the Light, much prefer Springsteen's original off the same album as above
  5. I like all the changes. Not much else to say besides ask when it should be available to us peons.
  6. Can I ask how you managed to kill the slith boss up there? Got him to half hp and just got overrun by slimes...I ensnare them with daze but they reach me eventually. At around level 12, maybe too soon.
  7. Thank guys. Big help. Certainly amazing what a level 3 haste can do for you as well. Should of went to the Tower earlier.
  8. Where exactly should I be at 10 or so? I can't take on Sliths, I think I've done everything I could in the Eastern Gallery. Is everything down south in Mertis/Magi stronger than everything where I started? I have a bunch of quests still, but all seem to be beyond my reach. Except the shovel/pick one...that third shovel eludes me still.
  9. Originally Posted By: Kinsume Or you can, you know, just use the secret passage in the back that leads right into the prisoner's cell and escape without even drawing your weapon. When you enter the area for the neph prisoner quest go to the right instead of inside the front gate. You will notice a secret passage over there that leads around the fort. A few rats in there and a guy to talk to. This leads around to the fort's back gate which is undefended, then you go to the right and you will see a switch on the wall. Hit it and it opens a hole in the wall and there you have your prisoners. Don't forget to grab the guy hiding in the corner on your way back out. Haha, wow. I was wondering what the guy was talking about...I could somehow never see that switch next to the bones. I ended up taking about an hour to fight that room down to the boss, fighting one enemy in the doorway, having one PC escape, ressurrect, repeat. I'm usually completely anal about hidden passages too...I kind of wish they were kept as normal walls to walk into rather than "obvious" switches. I guess that's just nostalgia though...would probably drive me crazy today.
  10. If anyone's stuck on this, its possible to get in there without fighting the boss man (who kills my two melees in one turn with his aoe at level 9/10). Just open the door, enter combat mode, and you can go into the prisoners room and break sight. Then just keep using that char to open the door to the prisoners, quest complete. You just cant get into combat beforehand.
  11. I always hated dual wielding in games. Don't know why. I think the most satisfying effect in any Spiderweb game was Assassinate in Exile 3. God I loved that. Also, ^ that sounds like some serious pseudo-history.
  12. I just gave up after trying a bit more. The poison cloud just wrecks me. I'll wait to get some more spells. Seems like you get critically hit a lot in this one as well
  13. Is Droknarr (in Silvar sewers) supposed to be done at a low level? It seems absurdly difficult for the party that would logically arrive at Silvar at around level 2. On Torment, just wondering if he is supposed to be one of those guys you skip until later?
  14. Yes its very painful...still not used to it after so many years. But it is my penitence for being a glorious Windows gamer. I have to feel solidarity with the lowly Mac-beings.
  15. I think? I've played all of these but I will certainly buy them again. Gotta catch em all... I've been shilling for these games to all my friends for so many years, happy to see that they can reach a wider audience now. Congratulations on that Mr. Vogel, I grew up playing your games and it really does put a genuine smile on my face to see your continued success.
  16. Yes, I miss the funny dialog boxes when you would be auto-killed in major towns.
  17. I laughed pretty hard when it turned out Sev (the blademaster) was black. He looked more radiation-tinted pink to me.
  18. Originally Posted By: Randomizer Originally Posted By: AaronC And maybe something is just wrong with me or it's the inner totalitarian in me speaking, but I never saw Redbeard as anything but the good guy. Maybe you missed the conversation where he asks your opinion on what to do to the town where some Hands were ambushed? Avadon's policy to encourage others to fear Avadon is interesting, I guess that's the one where he said that the best option is to raze the town? I'd say if a country sent emissaries or diplomats to a foreign country and they were murdered and the people or governing body were complicit it wouldn't be pretty either.
  19. Originally Posted By: Impudent Strumpet! Originally Posted By: AaronC It was a bit easy to see Miranda's future, if you read the records in the basement halfway through the game. Others I didn't see and still don't really understand, like the Duke. I must have missed this, cus I suspected, but was never sure, until quite near the end. What exactly is said? I couldn't tell you word for word, but it just tells you how Miranda came to Redbeard's service. Nothing you don't learn later on through dialogue. Another one down there is the librarian eye's history, which also hints at how she seems so life-less or disconnected. And maybe something is just wrong with me or it's the inner totalitarian in me speaking, but I never saw Redbeard as anything but the good guy.
  20. I liked it, maybe not as much as previous games, will have to think about it. From beginning to end, I still don't really feel like I know any more than I did. It was a bit easy to see Miranda's future, if you read the records in the basement halfway through the game. Others I didn't see and still don't really understand, like the Duke. I ended up siding with the pact and Redbeard, because I didn't see why anyone wouldn't. Nearly all the problems were cause by mad individuals whose motives were purely selfish, seemingly through no fault of the pact. The only thing you could say Redbeard did wrong was get a little lazy. I had a lot of problems with the difficulty too. The "minions" leading up to a boss I could usually deal with without having to reload or use alot of consumables. But the bosses...they are on a whole other level. It felt out of wack. The ending...well I think everyone probably feels the same. A cliffhanger in the worst way. You aren't even able to bring justice to anyone who was responsible, or even get a glimpse of their lands. I could go on, but in all I'd had fun, don't regret playing it, and will certainly play the next one.
  21. I've had a couple. One that doesn't go away is sometimes I get stuck with the message "Use Ability before you do that" but no ability is queued. Ususally going into combat then out gets rid of it, but sometimes it even happens during combat. Also, twice got stuck in a loop of combat ending and beginning. Vanvelle? (the hunter who takes you on a spider killing tour in beraza woods I think) got stuck on the last thicket to clear and just kept going in and out of combat, had to enter a building and come back to reset her.
  22. I think it still makes sense, given the attitudes of people involved and the whole situation.
  23. Weapons seem odd. Or at least weapon balance. The sword I got I think fairly early on (Emerald Saber) has so far been better than every other one handed weapon I've come across. But why use it? The shields dont seem that great, and the damage from the Rune Etched Glaive seems to greatly overpower any advantages a shield might give. I think so far I have only run into only one other "unique" sword, and its worse in damage than the Emerald, despite being found many more hours in.
  24. AaronC


    I started on Torment but I got up to a point (Neray) and just turned it down to hard and I got through it. I did skip some quests I got earlier that were just impossible, but I felt like this was an appropriate time to do it. I just don't see how that fight is possible on torment, but maybe my party was just badly optimized.
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