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  1. Inventory management: Show me the names of my items; don't make me hover over each scroll, potion, crystal, etc., to find what I am looking for. Inventory management: Give me a key-combination to drop items from my junk-bag onto the ground. Alternatively, when I "sell all items in junk-bag", delete the actual junk items that have no value. Characters: Show me the levels of my spells within the icon; indicate to which level the perks apply. Notes: Let me add my own notes, possibly even attach a note to a quest or saved-dialogue. Let me search for key-words within my ques
  2. Remember the horribly-placed text-element that indicates the number of skill-points available. It's clearly sitting on the "chrome" of the interface, which I find difficult to see.
  3. I fought the "Presence". Reading the post-combat text left me with the feeling that I had "injured" it, but not destroyed it. Oh-kay... now what? My quest is intact. When I walk into other areas of the game, I am given a message about the scrying crystal being dark. However, when I go back into the Foundry where I fought the Presence, I get no message. Indicating, to me, a [censored]ing error. Because the crystal should tell me one way or the other, yeah? Well, it's not doing either. It's just... doing nothing. So that's cool. Then there's the trackpad issues. Imagine if 50% of your cl
  4. I applied the 1.1 remix, and now my fighter with 25,000 strength, 255 endurance and 255 dexterity, with completely maxed out combat skills is missing upwards of 50% of his attacks. Why?
  5. Hmm... Is there a change-log of some sort? I'd like to stick the official version, but if it's mostly bug fixes, etc., I'll probably give the remix a shot.
  6. Does the latest official patch have anything to do with the "remix"?
  7. And... can a game saved on the OS X version be transferred to the Windows version?
  8. 40 hours for each? Hmm... doesn't sound right to me at all. Perhaps it is the way I played, but I found that all three endings are happening within a few hours of each other. Upon first hearing about the Scimitar I knew what I wanted to do: get revenge. So I went forward with that in mind. Then I eventually beat the first of the major quests, then the same day and within a few hours beat the second. Now I'm within a few hours of beating the third. I'm not playing on Steam so I dunno my total time but it's been a good run, and I have enjoyed it immensely.
  9. Ah... I loved this quest. I loved it because it was always in the back of my mind, but never was I exploring with the specific intent to find them. I just let it happen. So when I eventually found them all, I was ecstatic. This is also how I found the Orb of Thralni. Very serendipitously discovered, and a very, very exciting moment.
  10. Hmm... that is an odd requirement. But whatever. Locate Aydin I shall. I know I must find him anyway, as Erika wants me to find him. Thanks Kreador.
  11. > There is a rack with a missing scroll to the south of Khoth that it needs to be place into. I've done that. Nothing changes. > There is a rack with a missing scroll to the south of Khoth that it needs to be place into. He never indicates to do this. I have been through his conversation tree several times; I am quite certain he does not acknowledge I have it. When I place the scroll onto the pedestal, it is gone from my special items inventory, yet nothing changes. Thoughts?
  12. I got a "Dragon Scroll" from an Empire fort. I assume this is the scroll that Khoth wanted back. However, he does not react in conversation to my having it. I tried placing it on one of the pedestals, but it does not seem to do anything. Can anyone give me a vague hint on what I'm missing? Thank you!
  13. > Correct. Thank you! Now it's time to explore with my new-found Orb of Thralni!
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