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  1. The new sound addition has me jumping for joy. No disrespect intended but the same sound effects dating back to the old titles always annoyed me. I am super glad you are addressing this! Thank you I like the idea of the freedom of character development. Your overall inter-connectivity of design is really solid but the linearity of character development is a bit outdated. Never the less it has worked for the most part so there is no need to go over the top with changes. Specialization trees sounds like a solid idea with 3 different paths each character can take and with lowering pre-
  2. Revive... Thanks for the editors! I am curious is it possible to simply gain more skill points to distribute manually? I am trying to add more points as if I am leveling normally in the later stage of the game where I would have acheived most likely 3 to 4 levels beyond 30. thanks again!
  3. I did not find the answer to this in Strategy Central or it is buried enough that I could not find it. I want to know how resists work more specifically and does the difficulty level affect them? For example I have the ability to gain 10% each level after 7. However when I put a point in that skill in the tree I am given 5% or sometimes even 1% for resists that are already in a higher range. Where is the soft cap or hard cap where it becomes less. If I total gear together with these skills set in the tree I should have over 100% in some resists. Potentially the formulae is quite hi
  4. I know one of these has been posted about but I di dnot want to revive it and I used both suggestions in any way I could think fo to try to no avail. As the post states there is a turret gauntlet that is ridiculous on torment. I believe impossible at this point unless I am missing something? Please enlighten me if you can. The second is the upper keeper quarters on torment... again this would seem impossible unless I am again missing something. I have been in there for hours trying different stats. Two of which were posted here and I have yet to find a way to even come close to kil
  5. Thanks. I found out I simply did not look inside my abilities. I thought it was an added potential effect from resist chant. How about the sound though? Upon reaching the Tawon area there are literally huge areas that are dead silent. There is no wind nothing. Is this in error and only on the gog version? I know sound has been odd with these titles as I literally still can not figure out what that baby gurgling sound is in towns. I just am curious if the silence in Tawon was an attempt at showing that everyone has vacated the area or something is missing? thanks
  6. Hello, I recently got the gog version of Avadon 2. At random in some areas the ambient sounds are non-existant. Just dead silence. Is this intended? (Redbeard's Tower area, Watcher Ibu area, Cave with 2 Ghorum ogres?) those are a few spots that it happens as well as the overworld in the decaying border area of corruption. Also I have resistant chant with sorcerer and it is at level 7 which it states party gets hasted sometimes when used. I have yet to see it once work out that anyone is hasted from this spell. Battle frenzy and potions work but the spell in question on the right par
  7. Thank you very much. Yes I make sure I back up what I am doing and I am not really arbitrarily going nuts with changes. I simply want to change the first 1 or 2 levels of monsters and perhaps maybe the third as I get farther into the game. I would much rather simply have it so if creature is equal to approximate 10 levels below me they never become hostile unless I force engage them or a global switch that evolves all the level 3 to 8 enemies once I reach 20+. anyway thanks again that file is very self explanatory and has a lot of control offered in it.
  8. thanks. where do I locate that information for enemy levels? I specifically would like to change up the early thahds fyoras and artillas since I sometimes spend an hour or more clearing a map for a whopping 10 exp.
  9. ok thanks for that info. at least I can adjust quest exp. Are monster exp values also hard coded?
  10. Hello, Is it possible to change the way exp scales for quests and monster kills? Or is there a way to change how many points are given per level for skills and attributes? Very quickly in all of these games I feel like I am fighting for no reason as everything is giving me 1exp. thanks
  11. The first time I noticed it was on the second island on the docks map. I will try a reinstall.
  12. Hello, I am having an issue where all my creations move very fast all of a sudden. So do the Ornks in town and such. Anyone have a fix for this or a thread that it has already been solved in? thanks
  13. Hello, I have recently started up Geneforge 3 and the Dungeons are much darker than the previous 2 titles. Are there light sources I can hold in my hands to increase visibility or spells that do this? I currently see no difference while holding lamps or candles in my inventory. Thanks
  14. Excluding some of the graphical stuff and odd bug here and there this game proved to be incredibly challenging and really epic. I played on torment except for when I fought Redbeard and Zhossa the first time. I put it on hard for those fights. The story and the complexity and the depth of the political struggle and the really hard decisions of whom to be loyal to all was amazingly well delivered. After playing Avernum I have to say although I do not like the tighter and more linear pathways I am/was impressed by the game. I have my frustrations with some things that felt over
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