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  1. Strange, mine runs the game perfectly fine and never gets hot at all (so zero fan noise), though I never checked the CPU usage to see how high it is. Using a 1.5 Ghz AMD A8 in my laptop. Modern games can make my laptop get hot, but maybe my processor is too low-powered to output heat relative to my graphics cards.
  2. I wanted to do all of the optional fights during the game. I was wondering about this medal as I played, and never was able to fight Aetius. Then after the encounter with Dheless finished, I returned to Valera and said I would kill her or something like that, and was dismissed and unable to fight. I assumed there would be another who I could fight, but you cannot fight Nolus. I ended up beating the game disappointed I was never able to try that boss fight. I just recently read that Valera is the one you kill for the medal. How come no dialogue option allowed me to fight her? Any attempt to had
  3. Windows I'm starting to think it included Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and Tyrian 2000. I'll have a look at your suggestion Darth Ernie
  4. I wish I could remember more. The two that come to mind has one with a possible sidescrolling roman/celtic theme where you can throw people and the other had floating tanks and I believe was randomly generated. Not much to go on, but it's all I have.
  5. More specifically, the demo disk had Geneforge 1 (and what is what brought me to buy so many SWS games in the future). I have once again got that incredible urge to fulfill a need for nostalgia by finding those old forgotten games from my childhood. I believe some of those games were in the same demo disk that had Geneforge 1. Is there a list of disks that had it? If so, is there a place where I can quickly look through the games that were on the disk (I probably wont recognize them by name though) to hopefully finally find what I am looking for?
  6. In my opinion, If you have a level cap, you are doing something wrong.
  7. Some disk that contained a bunch of demos for various games. One of them was Geneforge 1, and I loved it.
  8. Geneforge 1 and Avernum 3 are probably the most highly regarded games, and Nethergate is definately worth a try if you haven't yet. I recommend playing the early geneforges again, especially if you haven't played them in a while and want to play the newer ones.
  9. I might as well throw this out too, in case the thread author wanted to know the opinions of a larger number of people: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/17976-grand-poll-results-part-2-game-ratings/page__hl__%2Bgrand+%2Bpoll
  10. I found nethergate highly enjoyable, especially because it had the best menu. Even though I've only played slightly past the demo area, it definitely ranks somewhere from my favorite to third favorite. Its oddly the only SWS game I own that I haven't finished. Hopefully it doesn't get less enjoyable as you get further into it (I don't think it will, but I don't have the time on my hands to find out). I definitely rank geneforge higher than avernum and avadon, mostly because of the first two. Those two gave me the best feeling of setting identity, feeling more developed than generic. Take f
  11. I found my first SWS game, geneforge 1, in a disk of many demos long, long ago, and eventually led to many future purchases. Hooray for demos!
  12. Looking back at quiz of knowledge VII made me want to go re-read them all. Unfortunately VII was never graded and VI and V cannot see the grades due to old spoilers. However, the links to I-IV ( from http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/14315-quiz-of-knowledge-v/page__hl__%2Bquiz+%2Bknowledge ) do not work, the search function of that forum does not work, and I have been unable to find the old ones that I had once read. Though I've been mostly a lurker on these forums, the quizzes still touch me with nostalgia, and I would like to read the older ones yet again. Is there
  13. Avadon is by far the shortest. How could you say Geneforge 1 was the same size? The demo for Avernum 3 is the longest demo of the series if I remember correctly, with Avadon by far the shortest (only one zone with action). I don't think A:EFTP was any longer than any of the geneforge games. Of course G1 and 2 have single global maps, G3 has many, and G4 and 5 have 2, though I don't remember any being significantly longer or shorter than the others.
  14. Long time since I've taken this.
  15. I hate polls when you put no, but then want to put other so you can give a reason or elaboration on why you chose no as it is pretty relevant, but don't want to skew data of how many put no because you put other...
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