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  1. My employer has allowed me to work from home about half of the time in the past. I underwrite mortgage loans, so I'm the guy who says if you get the mortgage or not. The only change for me is that I currently work from home full time. We are absurdly busy in the mortgage business, due to never-ending low interest rates. I pretty much have to use paid time off to have any free time. Stay healthy out there.
  2. There are many screen cap utilities available for Windows, some of them free. You can usually select your own key combo to trigger the capture. In Mac OS, the system-level screen cap options will work fine.
  3. Correction, Kelandon, Minion's statement is not in any way, shape or form accurate. I've been using Macs since the '80s and non-Apple input devices for just as long. Even I know that the default Apple mice of today allow for a right click on the right half of the single-button mouse. All Apple input devices allow for right clicks. I sometimes use a Mac laptop or Apple Magic Trackpad. I certainly right click on those. Apple's non-trackpad input devices are ridiculous, but there are other options. I have a 20-year-old Logitech Wheel Mouse that is still going strong, so additional cost is not a f
  4. The find command (command-F Mac & control-F Windows) in your browser is your friend. Just search for "dispel" and "move" in Randomizer's Massive List. Each barrier or rock pile is listed as level 1, 2 or 3.
  5. I killed the empire troops at the checkpoint west of Lorelei. The next time I passed through, the script just said "Ok". Then the original complement of troops reappeared and attacked me. Is this intentional or a possible bug?
  6. The wizard travels between two locations. You happened to visit each when he was at the other one.
  7. ultra blue4 is correct. It is Erika who gives you an amulet. The amulet is a special item. The Recall Crystal is a tangible item in your inventory.
  8. It soon becomes convenient to both get to Levy and get back to each region of Valorim. I wouldn't stop mid-dungeon to run back for my per diem, but you often pass through Fort Emergence. Maybe to report to one of its inhabitants, or maybe as the fastest way to travel between regions.
  9. Jeff will add it to his todo list. Send those typos to spidweb@spiderwebsoftware.com
  10. Weird, you say? I do identify myself as weird sometimes. I just don't identify as cis or trans, thus neither. I accurately answered as to how I self-identify. Answering 5 for age when one is an adult is being intentionally deceptive. Choosing not to give one's age is perfectly acceptable behavior (though a poll might make the answer required.) If you want to fault the poll for allowing an answer of neither then feel free. Personally, I think it provides useful information on how people self-identify.
  11. I'm perfectly fine with the word cisgender (and its shortened form) existing. I don't have a problem with someone identifying me as cis. I just don't call myself cis. I also don't commonly refer to myself in the third person. That would make a fine poll question, by the way. Self-reference seems to be far more common on these forums than outside the door where we leave our sanity.
  12. Okay, I've fully digested this poll's choices. I have to continue to celebrate the American Bison-tennial.
  13. Clearly, discouraging words are compliments. For example, you should never do an even-toed ungulate poll. Let me ruminate on this for awhile. Chews cud...
  14. Agreed. I am a zealous believer that the first amendment will win out against extremists from both ends of the political spectrum.
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