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  1. Thank you for your answer, I earlier spoke with the old shaman close to Tilla and checked there are only two dialogue options with Tilla (papers with unknown characters he doesn't understand, and denying to know more than she already told us). Something rather disconcerting: when I went back to the shaman to talk to him again, he was no longer in his garden.
  2. I followed the steps in Strategy Central, but with Tilla there is no dialogue regarding Tawon meeting place. Might this happen because I am running the Demo?
  3. In the end, the one written above was the right way to proceed. The magic circle prevents the Demon to regenerate. It was necessary to lure the demon into the magic circle. By the way, not so easy to lure it exactly into the circle, because of its long range fire. So you need to go a little south of the circle to lure it into the right spot. I left to go on with other quests, after the dialogue with Vardegras, then I went back there with the companions, killed the demon and loot the lair without being chased by Vardegras :-)
  4. Thanks, now I think to remember that the magic circle with lights is part of the fight, maybe I got to go there and make the demon follow, because there the fight changes way of execution and it is possible to interrupt its regeneration. I'll try to do that.
  5. Thank you TriRodent but, it's a different foe, the one I am refering to is a demon not Vardegras πŸ™‚
  6. So, there is this huge demon and a "magic circle" with crystals that "shine briefly". I already kill it years ago but I can't remember how. I was there minutes ago with a Tinkermage level 28, strenght 24, dexterity 24, intelligence 16, endurance 15; two ice turrets level 9, earthshatter scarab, tinkermage shortblade with bladelash, some good trinkets, +15% to hit chance scarab, wand of calling, ice, lightning, venom and more... and I feel lucky I saved the game just before starting combat, because this demon takes everything I hit it with and regenerate itself. Which is the trick to defe
  7. Hi there πŸ˜€ I forgot many things about Avadon 1 and now I am stucked with the second series of Duke's quests. To be precise I am supposed to meet Shigaz again in Berada Woods and to defeat some "well established bandits" there. But I can't find Shigaz there or in Beraza Pitts. I found some bandits underground but no Shigaz. What am I missing? Thanks
  8. Found a fine waveblade in a tomb in Vahnatai land I needed the Orb to reach, all set and done ☺️
  9. Hi, I went back to Avernum 2 after some years and I thought to remember Patrick needed a simple waveblade so I sold the high priced ones that I collected... main difficulty, as I went back to Vahnatai lands to find one but found no other... so I am stucked with Patrick's quest. Any idea where to find a Fine Waveblade, by Vahnatai or upstairs in Avernum? Thanks!
  10. Hi, I know, it's years I do not write here πŸ™‚ I used to be a frequent user of the forum. This days I opened Avadon2 and I could not remember which mod I have on, I presume it is not the one that gives incredibly good weapons at comand but the one to modify characters stats. Only, I can't remember what it does and, above all, how to launch/turn it on/operate it. Any suggestion on where to start? Thanks a lot!
  11. Sorry if there is and I did not see it, is there a Demo for Avadon 3, and where?
  12. I think that nobody in Silvar is interested in my successful liberation of Cotra... Silvar's Captain isn't, Asp isn't. Nobody assigned me the mission, all right, however I expected somebody to notice it, isn't this an unusual behaviour?
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