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  1. Since there are not very much current gen games listed, I'll give you my top 5 games that were released within the last 5 years: -Dark Souls (probably my favorite current gen game, unless D3 beats it) -Dragon Age (just the first one, second one was good, but nothing special) -Mass Effect series (all of them were great, but if I had to choose one, I would have to go with the first, followed by third then second) -Dead Space (was let down by RE5, this seems like the only decent game with good game play and atmosphere for the horror genre) -Lost Odyssey (this is what final fantasy 13 should have been like)
  2. I'm also wondering, is it possible to make summons controllable like in Avadon? Because I had it when you summon a creature and they just end up standing there and not attacking anything, or they attack the wrong enemy.
  3. It would of been nice if there was a "rest" feature similar to what Baldur's Gate had, where you get fully healed when you rest, but there is also a chance that you could get ambushed. Cave Lore could even be used to lower the chance to be ambushed (and make that skill semi-useful). But you would only be able to rest if that floor was fully cleared (or maybe a higher chance to get ambushed depending on how many enemies are left).
  4. Huh, for some reason I thought that you needed food for some type of hunger mechanic. Well, I guess I'll stop hoarding food like it's the eve of Y2K.
  5. So has the difficulty of the game changed at all? I normally play on hard, so is hard the same in this remix? Once I finish my current play through I will definitely try out this "remix", and thanks for all the work.
  6. While on this topic, if one party member is a level behind the rest in experience (lvl.12 vs lvl.13) will I be able to catch up easily?
  7. 1.) 1650x1080 2.) No visibility problems, though I find that I have to squint sometimes when reading text 3.) 1650x1080 4.) Yes, I play at the native resolution. Never tried running at half my native screen size but I'm pretty sure it would work 5.) Yes
  8. Wow, I really like the way this thread is going and thanks a lot House of S for considering modifying this game. This will definitely warrant another play through once I finish the game. I agree with Lilith that swords should get a cleave chance (and maybe lower damage) while increasing the damage on poles.
  9. I think what would really help out pole users is if the reach was increased to 2 squares. This, combined with a higher cleave chance would make poles a whole lot more viable. I also think that dual wielders should have certain weapon limits in their off hand.
  10. Kendroxide


    Wow, all this make me grateful that I live in Canada. My university expense is about $6500 a year (just tuition) and I go to a respectful university (actually, probably the best western Canadian university for business).
  11. I started with Avadon, and while it wasn't my favorite SW game, it was still enjoyable. I went on to play the Avernum trilogy and actually think that they are my favorite SW games ( cant say which is the best, but what I have played so far of A:EftP remake makes it a potential candidate). I also tried the geneforge series, but did not like them at all.
  12. As I have started playing through this remake of Avernum for the first time, I have come to realize that dual wielding is the most superior form of physical damage in the game. This has always bothered me, because in every Avernum game I have played, it always seems that DW outshines everything else. Is there a reason that Jeff does this? No offense, but you would think that through beta testing, someone would come to realize how strong DW is. Especially since this is the second remake, you would think that they would have learned enough to make the combat system more balanced. I'm not saying this is a terrible game (far from it), it just seems that DW always the most effective form of physical damage, while archery and pole is always the worst (though oddly enough, it seems that Avadon had a more balance combat system). Please take my criticisms with a grain of salt, as I don't want to offend anyone here.
  13. Originally Posted By: Kinsume If I recall correctly, this is the 3rd? remake of the same game. If the engine thats being used is really the thing holding it back, then why not use another engine? Now I understand Jeff is basically a one man team when it comes to coding, but surely there are similar engines out that could be used right? It would be neat if Jeff was able to use an infinity engine for his next game, though I doubt that could ever happen.
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    I got one tip: always apply for scholarships/bursaries, even if you think you won't get it. Just this year I applied for as many scholarships as possible, and I ended up getting $5000 dollars (almost enough to pay off tuition for this year). Like what everyone else says, buying books is so f***ing expensive, always try to find used books first, as you can sometimes get them for half price.
  15. Hey, I know this is kind of a long shot, but can you effectively make a hybrid mage/fighter or cleric/fighter? Or would this be spreading your points too thin. I remember in Baldur's Gate that my fighter/mage was a real badass, can you do the same here?
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