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  1. There is not a limited supply of food in the game. There are vendors that have an unlimited supply of cheap food. And you can always wander around outside looking for stuff to fight to earn a little extra cash (which I do, also for the xp). Besides, A6 required food, and I never had an issue there. I ran all over the place (didn't always use the pylons), and I was fine on food. As for using it to heal, that didn't really seem needed. If I got hurt and needed to heal but didn't want to spend mana, I'd step outside, walk back and forth a few times and I was full health again. Now don'
  2. I agree. I just finished playing Legend of Grimrock, and food was essential. If you're characters food level got too low, you wouldn't regen health or mana at all, even while resting. So carrying food around was important. I was also very excited when I had heard about the need for food, water, and sleep in New Vegas. But I quickly realized that food and water were real easy to come by and it was a total non-issue.
  3. Yeah, I remember needing food in the first Avernum when resting, and I know that A6 required food when wondering around, and seeing as how this one had food, I assumed it was the same. But as I said, I didn't notice it getting eaten. So I'll just sell off the stuff worth money and throw the rest away.
  4. I know in other games you needed to carry food around with you, but so far it doesn't seem my party is eating food. So do I need it, or can I just sell it?
  5. I'm noticing that not all of my characters get the same experience for the same kills. In past Avernum games it was because of the perks that I chose and how it affected my experience gain. But is this game, I don't see anything like that, yet they are still getting different amounts of experience (and yes, they are all the same level).
  6. It seems to me that when it says something has a 10% chance to parry, that it's not always telling the truth. I've had things with a 10% chance to parry, parry 4 attacks in a row. Yes, it's possible, but should be highly improbable. Stuff like that seems to happen all the time. Especially with Yahsso of the Spear. When he parries, it says he has a 24% chance (which I've noticed isn't reduced on ranged and spells like I think it is with everyone else). But he'll parry 8 out of 10 attacks. Unless my math is wrong, that would be an 80% chance to parry. Has anybody else noticed this? With
  7. Is it just me, or does using a light source not really needed? I seem to remember back in A1, if you were in a dark area without a light, you couldn't see at all. Now, things are just slightly shaded, which doesn't really hinder you in any real way. Is there some sort of unspoken hindrance to your to hit chance or something (I do love the Avernum games, but I have got to say, sometimes the lack of understanding how the game works is kind of annoying)?
  8. How do enemies choose a target? It seems that they're always going after my nephil archer. At first I thought it was just because he was doing more damage than my human fighter. But now that my fighter is dual wielding and often hitting 3 times (with the use of quick action), he'll do more damage than the archer (though the archer will do more damage in a single hit), but they'll still run straight past my fighter, and go to my archer. I've also fought two "boss" like monsters that had the ability to teleport members of my party away (one beholder and one demon). And the teleportation att
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