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  1. Oh. I probably attempted to back them up and cut them instead of copying them. It was two years ago now. But that's OK, I am running Avernum Remix 1.1 and a new game is exciting now that I can have a solid ranged character!
  2. This is odd, I have not played for over a year and all my saved games disappeared and the game became unregistered. The saved game folder has folders for saved game but they are empty. I doubt my saved games are to be found, but I want to prevent this in the future because I am going to play again over the Summer. Does anyone know what may of went wrong? Windows 8.1, Avernum Escape from the Pit Thanks.
  3. I did not take the time to write everything out because my first thought it is something that I have missed. Well, it turns out it was simple: "Frozen Blade"; based on INT not STR! lol Thank you though.
  4. I have two melee characters with almost identical builds when suddenly (after a few days of not playing so the memory is foggy) the second character's hit chance on certain monsters is only 34% while the other character is 95%. What's going on? The character in question only has -5% to hit on gear and is not cursed.
  5. I once woke up with my cloths inside out after a long night of copious drinking. I had relations with a Jehovah's Witness. -eek- In high school I was 'caught' w/my GF in the back of my jeep when parked at the student parking lot. I could go on, but meh, nothing is as glamorous as I want to make it appear to be.
  6. What are your favorite PC/Video games? Mine are, in no particular order: Fallout 3 Diablo I, II, III World of Warcraft Battlefield (the series) Quake (the series) Skyrim Borderlands Spiderweb Games (Exile, Avernum) SimCity I was thinking the other day how Avernum compares to other games I played in terms of immersion and general fun. Although I refuse to rank my favorites, Spiderwebgames would rank rather high. =) I just wanted to share.
  7. *sad face* Luck always sounds so awesome. Long ago in Exile III there was a blessed necklace found near a bunch of magic immune bugs and I remember every once in a while when combat began a message would come in the log to the effect of "You feel lucky" (or blessed, can't remember as it was 10 years a go) That really made the game memorable.
  8. What does luck really do? Chance to evade a killing blow? Chance for crits? etc...
  9. To me XP looks almost randomly rolled throughout the character from set amount provided by the monster kill. Any clarification on this for me would rock.
  10. Thanks everyone. I am currently playing on hard as I don't have the time/patience for torment currently. If we had five character I would go with a dedicated archer; however, having two tanks helps protect the spell casters - something I find useful. (and still fun)
  11. Is there a character editor or codes to fix misplaced skill and/or trait points?
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