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  1. Thanks. Botan's quest took 5 minutes and didn't require combat, so it wasn't bad. I would have been super irritated if I'd got stuck doing Nathalie's quest against my will.
  2. Hello all, I don't use all the companions. I choose two in the beginning and use the same party throughout the game. In this playthrough I have Rudow and Nathalie, and Nathalie has disappeared to Svar's Peninsula. I'd like to go there with Rudow and complete Nathalie's quest, but I can't, because when I arrive Botan is standing there forcing his way into the party. Is there a way to mark Botan's quest completed, or push him off a cliff, or anything? I tried to tell him I didn't care about his quest but that did not work, he showed up anyway. If I can't get Nathalie back I can't fi
  3. I don't recall being able to build a lab or customize a butler in any of those games.
  4. Which Geneforge was it where you could buy and furnish a house? 5? What if you could buy, furnish, and staff a house? Ok I realize this is a lot of extra coding. But it would be fun to have a wisecracking Servile butler. Or sort of a Servile Q with a lab that produced useful yet hilarious gadgets.
  5. Hello all, I thought I'd report on my experience so far. I'm on my second playthrough. I play on Casual. In my first game I was a melee Guardian and I found the game enjoyable but frustrating. I had trouble figuring out what I was supposed to be doing, I got beat up a lot, and my creations were killed within three rounds in 90% of fights so I used them mainly as distractions which actually did help in fighting mobs. I did manage to join the Awakened, use the Geneforge, and get off the island. But it was not very satisfying. Now I'm about 75% through as an Agent and I'm having a ba
  6. Do we know what each letter in the code at the end of the game means? I just finished my fifth playthrough and I got vgkfpcahqson. I haven't taken a math course in about twenty years, but with twelve digits, does this mean there are at least 4096 possible endgame states? Assuming there are at least two possible outcomes for each entry.
  7. One of the things I really appreciate about this game is that most of the time, after you clear an area, you can go back later and see that it actually mattered.
  8. I downloaded 1.0.3 last night and Mavlov is still disappearing and reappearing. But this is in an already saved game. The issue I had with Peadar and the Blessed ending were mostly resolved.
  9. I play on Casual, but in all the Nisse fights I throw charm at as many spellcasters as I can as soon as they appear. Even if it takes a few tries it is worth it. I normally have two Ahriel in my party to maximize those odds.
  10. I'm going to admit I didn't realize those cosmetic chests you can place were functional. I thought it was just an image. I also recently discovered that you can use Teleport on enemies. And it took me three or four games to realize that the lighter boxes in your pack are not actually with you. I was putting all my charms in those slots until I was almost done with my fourth game. I keep thinking I've seen and done everything and that has repeatedly not been the case. I think there is as much detail in this game as in any Avernum, even though this game seems to take way less time to complete.
  11. No cheat codes. I made the Ahriel vassals again, supporting the Blessed side. But I also completed Istara's quest to humiliate the Watchers, which has caused another weird thing which emailed to you directly. I suppose both situations involve people reappearing.
  12. Is this a bug, or am I missing something? I completed the Mavlov's Lab quest a while ago. but I like to go back and see if an area has changed later. So I went back and only the two Mireling servants were there, and the text said they didn't know where the other humans had gone. So I went looking in the nearby area, and then returned to the lab. Mavlov and the others were back, and I told him again that I killed a mire boar, and the game indicated I had received 150XP. I left, came back, humans were gone. Left again, returned, they were back, and once again I was able to report to Mavlov and s
  13. Bug report submitted. Kneeling to the Watchers is nothing, if you've decided that the prince is a secret anarchist and wants to undermine the kingdom.
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