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    Both of these links are dead. Any chance someone has a copy of this somewhere? I'm mainly curious about the damage ranges of the various Tinkermage turrets.
  2. Does it mean that the character wearing them, if they heal people, will do +x% more healing? Or does it mean that they'll receive x% extra healing? Does it work with potions, wands, and other consumables?
  3. Any tips for a Blademaster doing this on Torment?
  4. The single biggest thing I'd like to see is something that tells me how many action points I'll use to move to a certain location. It's really frustrating to think you're clicking 7 squares away (so you can still shoot) when really it's 8, and now you can't. Likewise, when you're trying to move in range and attack by clicking on the enemy, it would be nice if it gave you an indication of whether or not you'll end up moving close enough before attacking, or if you'll spend all the AP on movement. There's a lot of times with my sorcerer where I assume he's in range, click to attack, and he s
  5. Thanks. Just found that in my quest log too. Doh.
  6. I was hoping to do a Blademaster/Sorcerer/Tinkermage party. My main class is Blademaster I just got to Avadon, became a hand, and now have everyone but the Tinkermage available as a party member. Where can I pick him up?
  7. Torment is definitely all about picking and choosing your battles. You'll likely spend a lot of time half-completing a dungeon, having to run away from the final fight, and then coming back in a few levels to finish it off. Also, I don't think I'd even try Torment if I was going into the game blind. That worked on Avadon because the game was so linear, but for Avernum you really need to have a good idea of where some of the spells, trainers, etc are, because you really have to make the most of every single thing you are given, and take advantage of things as soon as you can feasibly get t
  8. Well, try a harder difficulty and let us know how it goes! Complaining that it's too easy while higher difficulty modes are available to you seems kind of baffling. It'd be like me complaining that the game is too hard when I crank the difficulty up to Torment!
  9. I don't know if any of you guys are familiar with the Stack Exchange network. It started out as one website, Stack Overflow, which is a Q&A site for programmers. It works differently than a forum in that they try to be pretty strict about keeping the signal to noise ratio high... someone asks a question, people post answers, good answers get voted up, bad answers get voted down, and non-answers get deleted. Anyway, the idea took off and now there are a bunch of other non-programming Q&A sites, such as Gaming.StackExchange. It's got a pretty decent sized user base and chances are t
  10. Originally Posted By: Kinsume Hit and hold the "u" key and it highlights the intractable stuff around you. Awesome! Thanks.
  11. When I played Avadon, I used the game tweak that made switches sparkle a little bit because it was too hard for me to see them normally on my monitor. Does Avernum have hidden switches like Avadon, and if so, can I tweak this game as well to make them more visible?
  12. I don't know. Pretty sure the same thing happened with the Avadon release too, and from what I read on the forums, that wasn't the first time. Whether or not Jeff does it that way as a little bonus to eager fans who know where to look, or if it's just a security oversight that he doesn't feel is particularly high priority to fix, I've never seen official word either way on it. I doubt he's terribly stressed out that people are downloading and buying his game a few hours early. Based on how it went for Avadon, I fully expect the official link will be up in a few hours anyway.
  13. 1. Click on the link to download the mac version. 2. It should take you to a page where the download begins automatically. You can cancel that download since you don't actually want the Mac version, but stay on that page. 3. Right-click the "click here" link on that page, which will give you the direct file download for the Mac version. Copy the link location. 4. Paste that link into your browser, but change the file extension to .exe. 5. Enjoy the demo!
  14. Any truth to this article that we're looking at an April 11th release date? Regardless of the actual date, is the Steam release expected to happen at the same time as the main site?
  15. Okay, turns out that there is a different path in the dialogue tree that I hadn't taken, which leads to her giving the quest, which I could then immediately tell her I'd completed. On the really small chance someone else runs into this, here's how you get the quest. When talking to her select the following: 1. "What do you do out here?" 2. "You are having a problem with some rogues?" 3. "You support the killing of a fellow creation?" That should give you the quest. After that, when you talk to her the option to turn in the quest should be in the top level of her conversation
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