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Crystal Souls release date?


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I am pulling this quote from Jeff's blog, The Bottom Feeder, here. The second to last paragraph says the following.


I've been shooting for early December, by my increasing old-person-exhaustion is making it hard to keep up the furious pace of younger days. The Mac and Windows versions will probably be out in January. iPad a few months after that. I don't know how to develop for Android and getting a good person to do a port is hard, so I'm not sure if that will ever happen.
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The game is pretty much tested, but Jeff needs to recover from his Las Vegas vacation. He went into a McDonalds and wasn't loving' it. :)


See Jeff's twitter feed


Seriously all that's left is making sure the game will download and install on different distributor platforms like the Mac App Store and Steam. I think Jeff wants to be able to release it all at once to cut down on complaints that it isn't available.

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I really want to know just what/how Jeff deals with races you get Nephil and Slith. I think that will be the main thing that makes the game much different from 1st. I still dont think the new chars however will be able to beat my combination of 1 of my parties in 1st game. When you put all 30 points into Strength and just focus on melee for 1 or even 2-3 chars, how are you going to beat that melee wise?

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I wasn't quite sure where to put this post, but this seemed somewhat logical.


Avernum 2 is now out on the Mac App store and is being featured as a "Best new game." There aren't any reviews yet, but it would probably help Jeff's sales if some of the beta testers would post something.


I'm waiting to get the call on the iPad and am trying to be as patient as possible, but not being able to play the game is about killiing me.

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