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  1. Re: the plant turret. Do you think you should be able to transplant it when you move to a new area?
  2. Terrific fun - thanks so much for posting this. Can't wait for the next installment.
  3. Has anyone figured out a way to get to Vahkohs' crystal if you are Anama and only have Piercing Crystals to use on magic barriers?
  4. Well, after spending several more hours with different party builds, I had to give up. I finally got into the goblin's cave, but went down with the first encounter. The plan now is to give one character Daze and two points in Mage spells. That will hopefully get me to the point where the gang is able to take some punishment without collapsing. It seems to be working. By the time I join the Anama, it hopefully won't be an issue. Fingers crossed.....
  5. I can't even get inside the cave to maneuver around. The group outside the opening slaughters my guys .
  6. Has anyone successfully played A3 on Torment as an Anama? I've tried three different builds, and can't even get into the Goblin's cave because I don't have Daze. My poor team is getting shredded right off the bat.
  7. Aha! Never in a gazillion years would I have solved that. Having looked at the book way back in the beginning, I never thought about going back and re-reading it. Thank you!
  8. Well darn, I still can't find that guy. Wonder if I could have accidentally killed him earlier?
  9. I am trying to finish the last few quests in A2 CS and am stuck on the quest to Find Locke (given at Camp Samuels). According to Edgwyn, the "action area" is Fort Draco. Well, I cannot find the man anywhere in Fort Draco. What am I doing wrong?
  10. I am sorry to be so late in replying to the question about viewing resistances. Unfortunately, there is simply no way to do it on the iPad. 😪
  11. I know what you mean - other RPGs don't really scratch the itch. That being said, you might want to give Eschalon a try. Those 3 games are the closest in feel that I've seen yet. The first game is free, so you aren't out anything if it doesn't trip your trigger.
  12. You are correct TheKian. Just tested the theory, and the enhancement on the minor artifact did not carry over to the major artifact.
  13. Please excuse if this question has been asked before, but if it has I can't find it. I have created a minor artifact and have plans to turn it into a major artifact eventually. I just found a Golden Crystal. So, the question is, will the effects of enhancing the minor artifact disappear or be carried over when I create the major artifact?
  14. It's probably hard to tell how many people play the game on the iPhone vs. the iPad since both versions come with one purchase. I wonder if Jeff has any clue....
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