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  1. It's probably hard to tell how many people play the game on the iPhone vs. the iPad since both versions come with one purchase. I wonder if Jeff has any clue....
  2. I tried both the Daze spell and the batons, of which there are many. The problem is that large crowds of tough enemies aren't dazed for long enough for my guy to actually kill people when new enemies are rushing in. He can daze them, but he runs out of energy before he can kill them. This is particularly true in the Ice Walls where the spawners are creating new enemies every round.
  3. So, I am giving up on a Guardian run on Torment with the Feisty Slap gloves. The previous run was an Agent who basically became a demi-goddess by the time she reached the Geneforge. The Guardian is getting killed in the Sealed Labs and Ice Walls because he can't handle crowds worth a darn. By the time I get his strength to the point (7) that the gloves, with two charges, are effective, he has given up so many points in other attributes that he is depending on Spray Batons for crowd control. They aren't doing the job. So, either the Guardian needs more magic or I need to turn down the difficulty. Basically the Gloves don't seem to be giving much of an advantage to my poor guy. Oh well...
  4. Does anyone know if Jeff is planning on having a Kickstarter for Queen's Wish 2?
  5. Humble Bundle sends you a direct download link and also allows you to enter a Steam key, but I'm not sure where you are supposed to find said key. The problem area for me was the Hint Book. I ordered it through Humble Bundle, and they sent a confirmation. However, they didn't send a download link. I wrote them but have yet to get a response.
  6. "I'm guessing whatever runs on Catalina will also run on the new M1 Apple Silicon Macs. Is it only Queen's Wish and Geneforge 1: Mutagen that work on Catalina?" I haven't tested all of the latest Spiderweb games, but did look at a couple. My M1 Silicon Mini is running Big Sur. If an app runs on Big Sur, it should run on Catalina. Just downloaded and started the demo for Avernum 3: Ruined World with no problem. Ditto for Queen's Wish.
  7. Oh boy, am I ever with you on that desire to maim! I had to buy a wireless printer in order to make everything work - which it just barely does.
  8. Well doh! Why didn't I have the following thought when "marnick" asked about an iPhone demo back in August? All he has to do is download the Mac or PC demo on his laptop. The save files can't be transferred (as far as I know) to an iOS device, but a couple of hours with the demo should at least let him know if the the game trips his trigger.
  9. The game seems to be available only on the Apple App Store, so you must buy it to play it. There is no demo for either the iPad or iPhone versions that I am aware of. In case you are interested, the iPad version is very smooth. What is a bit surprising is that Jeff was able to do the same thing with the iPhone version. I could not believe how he managed to make everything available that you need on such a small screen. He really deserves kudos for the design job. Also, it is very easy to switch between the two iOS devices at will.
  10. Regarding your question about which games to play next, I have a slightly different suggestion than others have given. While I have played, and very much enjoyed, Nethergate: R, it is the hardest game for me to really get into because the interface is quite dated. I, too, love Geneforge series. And, after that, I love the Avernum series. And I also really like playing the games in order to keep the story cohesive. So, I play the new versions of Avernum (1-3), then the the older versions of the second part (4-6). Actually A6 was remodeled not long ago, so only 4 and 5 are somewhat outmoded. No matter what you choose to do, you will have a great time.
  11. I have a question about taking out Garzahd in the final battle. His protective shield can only effectively be broken down by Demonslayer. The question is whether or not the wielder's to hit is increased by high combat stats. It almost looks like the first strikes have a 20% likelihood of doing harm no matter what. Has anyone done any research on this before?
  12. Jeff just posted a screenshot of the Geneforge remake and it looks like he is sticking with an isometric view for that game.
  13. You can definitely transfer games from one iOS device to another. Connect your iPad/iPhone to your Mac. If you are on the latest iOS versions, backup to the desktop is done via Finder. Under Finder click on the device, then on the Files tab. Then click on the right-facing arrow by Queen's Wish. You will see a second level folder named Saved Games. Drag it to your desktop. Then connect your other iPad or iPhone to the Mac. Drag the Saved Games folder to the Queen's Wish folder on the second device. I haven't done the transfer using iCloud backups, but they should be similar.
  14. Isn't an iPhone port a possibility with the new game, Queen's Wish? I think it was on the Kickstarter list, and believe it reached it's funding goal.
  15. One complicating factor is that some of the quests like "bring me mushroom meal" don't repeat forever. Normally about 50 items will allow you to finish the quest.
  16. I was involved in the beta for the iOS port. It would seem that Jeff sent the code to Apple a couple of weeks ago and is awaiting final approval.
  17. That problem usually happens when the the enemy is standing on uneven ground (like the side-slope of a hill). It's because the square isn't properly selected by your finger or stylus. I'm not sure there is anything Jeff can do about it. I have had one character miss hitting the grid, and therefore waste a turn (or wind up on a square that put him in harms way), but the next fighter attacked the enemy properly. I suspect it's something you will just have to live with. If it's any consolation, most of the important battles are indoors where the ground is level. It's never been a significant problem for me - even if it is annoying. You can also try running away from any slopes before starting combat if possible.
  18. Okay, so this is unique to Avernum 3? Does it make it impossible to be a completionist? And, does the timer run more quickly on the higher difficulties?
  19. Excuse my ignorance, but I haven't played Avernum 3 before. What is a "time limit"?
  20. I really like the second one a lot. The color you picked for the gemstone is awesome.
  21. I am a little confused about your having a problem with your iPad version of Avernum. Jeff updated all 6 of the iPad games to the latest Apple requirements within the past year. You should re-download and see if you still have a problem.
  22. I do not have a separate graphics card. Mac mini (Late 2014) Graphics Intel Iris 1536 MB
  23. I get a brief hint that it wants to load. There is a quick shadow on the screen where the opening window would be, and there is a glimpse of the dock making room for a new icon. They are very brief however, then all gets quiet - like I had never tried to open the game.
  24. Well, it's not looking good for Nethergate on the latest Mac systems. Sigh......
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