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  1. I have been away for a while and just bought Avadon 3. I havent played a spiderweb game in a while. How are you fine people doing today and what are you up to?
  2. I am behind you 150%. I just started playing table top and would love a nice sci fi pnp board game. The only question is how would the missions and quests work?
  3. Thanks for that! I think there was another roguelike called tiny keep which is similar maybe? I remember playing that in 1st person. I grinded for 10 minutes and then got slaughtered by a boss I got a few free roguelikes as well that i havent tried- Claustrophobia Lost labyrinth (though no permadeath i guess no rl) Cardinal Quest 2 (not sure if i have it but i think i do) Cardinal quest is ridiculous, you have to really know how to memorize steps taken when and before activating berserk on your warrior. I got somewhat far like 7 or 8 times but never beat the 1st game. I played the rogue but they are too slow. I wonder if 2 was a better game?
  4. I like the game but find it to be too complicated. Doom the Rlike and Diablo the Rlike are the best and my favs. I beat each of them. 3 for doom and 1 for diablo. There was some other roguelike dungeon fray but that was too easy. I beat that on warrior, rogue and wizard. I suck at the genre but my favs all come from Chaos Forge so it is what it is. There was one named cardinal quest 1 but i couldnt get past 7th level with all classes so whatever. SOTStars i didnt like but got far in. That is a roguelike that is nearly impossible on all difficulties. I think i got to level 17 which sucks.
  5. I guess the forums are dead or everyone has never played it.
  6. I cant seem to get past the game tales of maj' eyal's 1st level with ANY of the characters. I played the game and made a few builds but none of them work. I dont really like the fact that none of the builds work in the game and the fact that it is so very confusing the mechanics. I played doom the rlike and beat it with no prob with all 3 chars. I beat diablo the rlike too with a warrior. Is the game meant to be so confusing and what build should i use? Its very frustrating.
  7. Whats next? I will tell you-They need to fess up this big conspiracy. How tall was Andre the Giant compared to the Ogres of Avernum? Its a simple question. Andre was 7'4 and weighed 470 pounds, can the ogres come up with better numbers and bouts of strength or are they just little Tandres (Tiny Andre the Giant). I would like to know as its been bothering me for a couple days.
  8. Well I guess its been a while but Jeff mentioned once that pokemon inspired him on Geneforge. I dont know if you can classify that as a jrpg.
  9. I usually never finish any of them but they are still fun for maybe 10 hours. Has jeff come and said what games in that area genre he has played? I got halfway through BoFire 3 and spent 30 hours on that one, but didnt like the 2nd part of the game so bailed on that one. Currently playing Digital Devil Saga 1 on ps2. Its an interesting genre-Scifi-horror-jrpg. Pretty cool, but lame as there are no weapon/item system. Then there is FFantasy Series which is alright. I really like X-2 but I quit after 10 or 12 hours. Wild Arms is a wild west jrpg though the one I played wasnt too good. It was too slow-Wild Arms 3. Magical Starsign was awesome and I really like that one. Like I said they are fun and I dabble in them but dont spend too much time with them. I just wanted to see what titles jeff has played if anyone knows.
  10. Thankyou! That was just what I was hoping to hear. I didnt see the 3rd one but heard it wasnt very good so I was hoping that the new one was better. Sweet!
  11. Sylae and Tyranicus mentioned Mad Max Fury Road. Was that any good? I want to see it on dvd. I loved The road warrior but didnt see the sequel of it. The prequel was alright but nothing special.
  12. V-Bomb is Vaderbomb. It's a personal derivative I like to call him. it would likely be impossible for them to create a new character out of nowhere so you would have to be right about it being Sidious old mentor who he killed. Otherwise jarjar and any other idea would likely only be put together if Uwe Boll directs the movie. If that is the case then I will go to the theatre all sauced up with liquid courage and hope that I laugh at it.
  13. I liked star Wars but it was a little confusing some of the characters. There was this 12 foot tall vahnatai-similar guy who looked like a ghost. Shamoke was his name I think and I didnt like that everyone said that's v-bomb. How can it be V-bomb he's dead ya know?
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