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  1. Yay! It's happening! None too soon either! Been through Avernum I and II and enjoyed the living crap out of them.
  2. I think i will boot exile III tonight then.
  3. I wore the crystalline plate on my tanking character until the end myself. He also wielded Demonslayer. I don't remember having much trouble killing demons in platemail. Unless it was haakai, those took a little bit of magic as well.
  4. Finally finding the way to escape to the surface on Avernum 1. Finally bringing the parts of the Demonslayer to Boutell to reforge it in Avernum 1. Smiting Garzahd and his plans in Avernum 2.
  5. I remember taking on the Adze-Haakai without the Demonslayer. I could barely dent that demons armor! Unless you are prepared for an exhausting battle that goes on and on for few hours Demonslayer is a must have.
  6. Why would you want to be rude to the friendly intelligent spiders anyway? They are funny
  7. Welcome to Spiderweb! Please leave your sanity at the door.
  8. By the looks of it, its an awful lot of work. Perhaps its better I just wait for Avernum 3. I just want some more adventures in Avernum. Can't play 4,5 and 6 before 3rd.
  9. Running it as both an administrator and in compability mode has no effect unfortunately
  10. Hello! Yesterday I decided I want to play Exile III and so I got the installer from this website and was all set to install it and then run the game through Dosbox emulator. My problem is however, that even the installer refuses to work for me on windows 10 so I am unable to get the game files so that I could mount them through emulator and play some Exile III. Any solution for this? If I could get the files in .rar format and extract them to a correct folder perhaps?
  11. You banished the demon without the demonslayer? I thought that was impossible! He's too stronk!
  12. Perhaps the empire got pissed at a chicken farmer and his chickens and send the whole lot down to Avernum
  13. The friendly intelligent spiders are one of my favorite places in Avernum.
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