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  1. But you see, the problem is not getting the wrong suggestions because the requirements weren't clear enough, but rather that the people just don't know the hidden gems. If I'm more specific, the replies will eventually stop. That's the whole problem. If you like a specific niche and only few games are released, you will hear about every single game, but there's nothing you actually want to play. If there are too many games released, there are games you'd like to play, but you'll never hear about them unless you are lucky. I've been through both phases now. 2010-2013 being the "no good
  2. For me the main differences are: - Shining Force is mostly a game of exploration with SRPG battles in between, you can walk around between battles and it features many secret characters you can find only by doing specific actions in towns and there are tons of secret passages and well hidden treasure chests, finding all those secrets is at least half the game (in Fire Emblem, towns are simply a camp menu) - Shining Force is for the quick challenge, you don't have to worry about long-term challenges like your items breaking or your characters dying and Shining Force allows you to grind
  3. Back on topic: My comment on this topic is that... yes it's really hard to find games for me these days in general. There are many titles, but that's not the problem from gamer-perspective by itself. If there are more titles I can simply increase my demands by limiting myself to games I actually really enjoy instead of having to buy random games because I'm bored. The problem for me is that when I want to limit myself on games I really enjoy, I simply have no means to find these games, even though they exist! Say if I search for an SRPG that plays as much like Shining Force as possible. I
  4. It's pretty easy to differentiate between nerd and geek because geeks wear their shirts above their pants while nerds put them inside their pants.
  5. I have physical issues (permanent pain for months over a large part of my body and nobody really knows what it is) that cause mental issues (feeling exhausted all the day, unable to move, wondering if it makes sense to even carry on with all the pain and if it'll ever go away, unable to concentrate, etc.), but I'm pretty much immune to mental issues themselves as I have a quite strong psyche.
  6. I also didn't really like Avadon. The worst part about it is that you only have 3 characters, though. It makes combat really boring. 4 is the minimum I can still live with. Would prefer 6. Couldn't really get into GeneForge, summoning was never really my thing. I enjoyed Nethergate a lot, but Avernum Remakes are still my favorites.
  7. I think the new engine will mostly be for interface improvements since he sounded very convinced that his graphics style is already perfect fit for what he wants his games to be.
  8. Randomness has disadvantages and advantages. The main disadvantage is that a single miss can change the flow of the combat and there will always be a small chance that you will die even though you didn't do any mistakes. It does not actually reduce the tactical component, it just changes it. Instead of just thinking which move is best, with randomness involved, you also need to calculate all possible outcomes in your head, it makes things actually a lot more complex. Not everybody's cup of tea. Also I wouldn't calculate the influence on hit rate based on average damage. 95% hit means on av
  9. I also suggest to just ignore the old Avernum games and dive straight into the remakes Escape From The Pit and then Crystal Souls.
  10. Update! Escape From The Pit is now available on GoG. http://www.gog.com/news/release_bavernum_escape_from_the_pitb
  11. On Steam you don't even buy any games, you only buy a license to play the game. You have to agree that Steam can remove your license to play the game at any time without any reason or prior notice. Also Steam does NO refunds at all. Even if the whole game is not working at all, their support will completely ignore you and just send the standard "we don't do refunds" reply. That's why games on Steam are usually cheapest, but in terms of service and freedom it's probably the worst option. Buying games directly from Spiderweb is the opposite. Highest possible freedom and service you will eve
  12. My point was more that they won't release remakes if they can have the original. The Witcher 3 and Divinity: Original Sin are not remakes of a previous game but a brand new game. Yes, GoG does release new games as well. It seems that their requirement for new games is that they are somewhat between the RPG and Point & Click Adventure genres (for example Freedom Planet is not on there as a pure platformer, platformers with RPG elements are however). Though the real irony here is that Avernum 1-6 are also remakes.
  13. It's normal GoG policy to only offer originals of games and never remakes. The 'o' in GoG stands for "old" after all. (That's why for example they also don't have Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition. Apart from the fact that nobody wants it anyway.) Of course for Avernum it's kind of strange because it is quite a bit more than a remake. I guess Jeff didn't communicate it like that to them, though. You can always open a GoG petition on the wishlist for the game. If there are enough people that want it, there is a chance that they reconsider.
  14. The options in the poll are really not so good, it would probably be better to have no poll at all and just let people reply. =p So I will do just that: 1. Singleplayer mostly. Sometimes when a game is very very simple so even my father can understand it, I enjoy playing it together with him. Would require a local multiplayer or LAN support, though. I don't really like multiplayer when I'm playing with people I don't know. Only exception are MMORPGs because there my goal is to actually make friends. 2. Generally I'd claim that people DO care for all aspects, just how dema
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