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POLL: how did you like my scenario?

Vince Fizz

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Personally, I think your artistry makes Van Gogh look like ten-second scribbles by two year olds. I want you to redesign the entire BoE base terrain and monster sets, and use them in your next scenario.


I love you as a pubescant, estrogen-laden teeny-bopper loves the most recent boy band. If we weren't the same gender, I'd have your child.

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The Grinch is indisputably the work of Vince Fizz. The discussion is whether or not this Vince is the author. He is something of a celebrity to the Blades community, after all.


—Alorael, who is willing to give Vince the benefit of the doubt. After all, he's not particularly obviously someone else, and he's certainly brightening the boards by gracing them with his presence.

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I played Teh grich and it was nothing like The Grinch! It did not have Freiza it did not have violence it did not have a plot it did not have anything and I am surprised that it was made! I will definitely not be voting it a five at Spiderweb (not Spidweb spell it correctly) and it is bad but unlike Two strands at least the graphics work! mad

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I for one would like to express my extreme displeasure at seeing this topic just when I was getting back from a nice family reunion (not what you'd expect, but I have some interesting relatives). I had the terror that we were actually seeing a return of "The Fizz" and that he was questioning us about his latest blunder: "The Ultimate Sesame Adventure".



BTW, FRIEZA RULES!!! madmadlaughlaughlaugh:rolleyes:frowncool

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