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  1. Haneda Haneda.. oh, silly me. ^^ Also, Gizmo, downloading it works for me..
  2. I have now replaced all the default graphics with pictures of myself. So expect a public beta of TEH MANVALEY ADVENTRESU soon!
  3. Yeah, one can, indeed, look them up. Just open up the editor.
  4. Pfft, you silly boy, it's still up *cough*goat.cx*cough*.
  5. You posted this same topic in three places. Please, refrain from doing so in future, as even one topic will get you your answers. Thank you, in advance. [so yeah, what Garrison said]
  6. Don't hack, SW's had enough trouble of hackers already. You could actually just click the "Forgotten Password Recovery" link in the log in screen..
  7. I haven't registered, so I can't answer the first one, but lamps provide light longer than torches or candles. That is something I'm sure of. They can't, however, be refilled.
  8. I use it on my playing romans, but never when playing as celts.. Weird, perhaps, but hey, I'm a demo player!
  9. For God's (my) sake, Rosy, he is Vince Fizz, not Alec ..
  10. I sense the sarcasm in this topic.. Sense it strong..
  11. Mr. Raman Sir Raman Lord Sir, you can actually move the map..
  12. Someone should make a song of that.. "Ladies and gentlemen! May I present, the next generation of Celtish Hiphop, the Cursed Ones!!!"
  13. Maybe Creator made the message himself.. Just for fun..
  14. When? SHe still has over 800 posts, doesn't she, and it ain't possible to post that much in few months.. if you're not Alo..
  15. RoR is a newer member than I am.. err.. I was..
  16. go baby go


    Avernum or Exile? And yes, this really should be in Tech.
  17. Geez.. It's not that hard, guys.. I haven't been banned! I believe this topic now deserves some GUN?
  18. AHH, good point. If my account was deleted, I wouldn't be here?
  19. Quote: Originally posted by Drakefyre: member 1098's account was unregistered. Ahh.. Who would that be..
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