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  1. I've only recently started heavily using Charm as a tactic, and noticed a behavior that seems broken: When you're fighting a monster that uses Charm, it'll sometimes try to charm monsters that you've already charmed. Rather than canceling out, the second charm will be treated as if it was cast by you - the monster stays on your side and has the status "Charmed (2)". I'd expect that charms would either cancel an existing charm status, or that enemies won't try to use it on already charmed enemies.
  2. Started on Diane Duane's Young Wizards series (So You Want To Be A Wizard, etc.), but got sidetracked after the first book and am now re-reading Rick Cook's Wiz Biz series, which I first found when I was in high school. (Unfortunately, the writing and tropes in the latter haven't aged as well as I remember them.)
  3. Same here, though it must have been around 1999-2001 in my case. I must have already known English, but I still remember struggling with some of the words.
  4. Starting last October, I've been reading Worm, which is a fascinating (and really, really dark) story about people with superpowers. I originally found out about the story in 2017 via a thing that happened on reddit, but never got around to reading. Some of the books that are already on my list for after I'm finished (aside from all the web serials I've been neglecting during Worm) are The Three-Body Problem (Liu Cixin) and Neverwhere (Neil Gaiman).
  5. Much as I like a big spell catalog, to be honest, I never got enough of a handle on all the debuffs and area denial spells for them to be useful, only using casters as direct damage dealers. Also, I've never ever had an occasion where casting quickfire was a good idea. (Though fun, briefly.) 😛 However, I do hope we get a flexible skill tree (more like the Avernum remakes than Avadon) instead of rigid character archetypes.
  6. I like this perspective more than I expected. It feels nicely retro. Afaik, only two SW games have ever had native Linux ports - Exile 3 and Avadon, both by other developers. They all work quite well in Wine, though (at least the ones made this century*); personally I'm using PlayOnLinux and Steam. I'm fairly confident this one will work as well. (*That feels weird to say.)
  7. I just bought The Age of Em (Robin Hanson) while waiting for a train, because I heard good things about it over the years, though I haven't finished reading the introduction yet. (One of these days I really need to take some time off to finish all the books I started reading. 😛) I also want to make another go at learning French (Duolingo didn't work out so great last time), so I picked a book I'm already familiar with that is available in French on Audible (Harry Potter book 1) as well as an EPUB, and I'm going to try reading along while listening.
  8. Okay then, let's go for something controversial and political. Pineapple Pizza.
  9. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/7vyv09/im_jeff_vogel_founder_of_spiderweb_software_since/dtwdvob/ I have slightly mixed feelings - Exile fills me with nostalgia, but it's hard to imagine that kind of UI looking good in a modern game. But if Jeff thinks it can work, I'll probably be pleasantly surprised.
  10. Jeff's Twitter feed is a good source to follow for these news (https://twitter.com/spiderwebsoft). The Jan 31st release date was announced there on the 12th, apparently.
  11. These should clearly be checkboxes and not radio buttons. (But personally, whenever I get to set my own schedule, I end up working from "made it to the meeting just in time" to "the stores are about to close and I need milk". So I gravitate to the former, but I'm not sure if that's actually optimal for me or just indicates depression.)
  12. Aran


    The decimal system is overrated, but happy 0x2710th.
  13. I have tried out a recipe for a sort of low-carb protein "bread". (In quotes because it doesn't actually contain flour.) The ingredients per loaf are 50g each of wheat bran, unflavored protein powder (whey probably, though I've used hemp, which also tastes fine), crushed linseed and minced walnut, 2 eggs, and 250g of Quark, baked at ~180°C for 30min. It tastes pretty good and keeps surprisingly well despite the dairy/egg. (It's also very filling, unsurprisingly.)
  14. Pythagoras was famously opposed to beans, and apocryphally let himself get murdered rather than fleeing through a bean field. A Pythagorean diet shuns meat, fish and beans. (I have no idea whether this was supposed to extend to other legumes like lentils, though.) --- I've repeatedly been told that I don't eat very well (basically mostly sugar and cereal, because I'm too lazy to cook) and am at risk of inheriting my dad's type2 or at the very least become overweight in my thirties. Since I am in my thirties now, I've decided I should probably change my habits a bit. One of my favorite easy recipes is an Andalusian tapas consisting of spinach and fried chickpeas. There are several recipes online and I don't really stick to any one of them, but these are some variants: http://simpleveganblog.com/spanish-spinach-with-chickpeas/ http://spanishsabores.com/2014/08/17/espinacas-con-garbanzos-spinach-chickpeas/ (I usually just cook the spinach for a few minutes before transferring it to a pan with olive oil, adding the spices and chickpeas.)
  15. I think somewhere around 5M words of my reading this year has been pony stories. It's not for everyone, but the Austraeoh series is quite enjoyable (though quirky and often deliberately purple-prosed, and it's an ASoIaF-sized beast). Still on my list right now is the recently published Beren and Luthien book, as well as Neal Stephenson's The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. On the latter, I'm experimenting with listening to the audiobook while reading - with Stephenson's narrative style, I tend to lose the thread, and maybe this helps. (I mentioned some time in mid-2015 I was reading Yudkowsky's rationality thing, which is coming along really slowly: I'm somewhere around 60% in now. It's not easy to follow and EY does like to go on and on about some stuff, but there are some pretty interesting concepts in there.)
  16. Imban! Wow, it's been a long time, even though everyone here has technically been you.
  17. Maybe the survey could have used a Romans vs Celts question, as well.
  18. Just a few minutes ago I was looking at my old results and thinking that it might be nearly time for a new one. So I pop over here and it's literally at the top of the forum. My results are here, and graphed above. Full diff against last year's results are here. The tl;dr seems to be that I've gotten more active and less depressed, but also less nice. (I will try to take the other one soon, but 420 questions in total is too much for one day. )
  19. You are a: Socialist Pro-Government World-Federalist Bleeding-Heart Progressive Collectivism score: 67%Authoritarianism score: 33%Internationalism score: 83%Tribalism score: -83%Liberalism score: 67%
  20. Well, in the last six weeks I've been amusing myself by rereading Eddings' Sparhawk series. Currently up to the end of The Shining Ones (5/6). I don't think I've read these books since high school, some fifteen years ago or so. They're... not as good as I remember, sadly. I can't remember if the Belgariad/Malloreon was better, but I'll probably leave that for now. On a nicer note, though, I just bought the first three Culture books. Banks is a complete gap in my education so far, and from everything I've been told I've really missed out.
  21. Hm. The street numbers I've lived in, in order, are 500, 10, 88, 6, 121, 32, 55, 23, 10, 40, 2 and 15. Edit - Sequence continued.
  22. If nothing else, I find it odd that the categories are non-overlapping. With several "Other" responses from people inside the US who feel their area isn't covered, I'd have added at the very least an "Other - North America" option, with the instruction to pick the most specific one applicable. Right now, for example, that would absorb 3/4 of the Other votes. (I'm also not sure why Chicago and Wisconsin each get separate categories. They haven't been picked yet, and Wisconsin isn't particularly populous - #20 according to Wikipedia.)
  23. First we got a chart to show the meetings between members; now we're planning meetings between members that would yield an aesthetically pleasing chart.
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