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  1. Haneda Haneda.. oh, silly me. ^^ Also, Gizmo, downloading it works for me..
  2. I have now replaced all the default graphics with pictures of myself. So expect a public beta of TEH MANVALEY ADVENTRESU soon!
  3. Yeah, one can, indeed, look them up. Just open up the editor.
  4. Pfft, you silly boy, it's still up *cough*goat.cx*cough*.
  5. You posted this same topic in three places. Please, refrain from doing so in future, as even one topic will get you your answers. Thank you, in advance. [so yeah, what Garrison said]
  6. Don't hack, SW's had enough trouble of hackers already. You could actually just click the "Forgotten Password Recovery" link in the log in screen..
  7. I haven't registered, so I can't answer the first one, but lamps provide light longer than torches or candles. That is something I'm sure of. They can't, however, be refilled.
  8. I use it on my playing romans, but never when playing as celts.. Weird, perhaps, but hey, I'm a demo player!
  9. For God's (my) sake, Rosy, he is Vince Fizz, not Alec ..
  10. I sense the sarcasm in this topic.. Sense it strong..
  11. Mr. Raman Sir Raman Lord Sir, you can actually move the map..
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