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  1. Could a Mod shift this to Tech Support, please?
  2. There's the burying ground in the first section, where you teleport between the tombs too.
  3. The Talking Skull says where they all are. Eventually. That's at the centre of a bunch of celebrating monsters on a hill w. of the bridge that takes you to the two key trade towns.
  4. And I thought it was just there to amuse us...!
  5. It's the 'nerd in the backpack' bit that gets me. It definitely thinks it's funny than the rest of us do!
  6. At least it's silent, unlike the "hi, I'm a talking skull". Is it's info really worth the experience of toting it about?
  7. I try to steer clear of all that nasty woad myself. So unattractive!
  8. The provisioner there sells you torches + L1 of the mine (the first 4 rooms) are replete with torches and candles, won by just offing a few rats. And there's no reason you can't do the whole of L1, L3 and good parts of L2 (where the only ranged attacks are from the goblin shaman) without light anyway.
  9. I agree it was experimental, but very much liked the attention to historical detail, the classical quotes before each section and so forth.
  10. The Crown is reachable round the back of the Hall of the Dead. I think you have to go through the Temple of Judgement to the W of it, but will really need the key o get in.
  11. Which arera? If it's the battlefield, try skirting along the S edge and you should be able to grab the key and get to the S teleport ion the middle just before the rival armies descend on yu (and each other).
  12. Yeah - where is that party of enraged adventurers teleportinmg in from another dimension when we most need them?
  13. Ha, ha! Yes, the ideal role - though a bit of wishful thinking there too, Lone Flame.
  14. If you believe Robert Graves, emporer Claudius and the Brits had a bit of a mutual admiration society going though...
  15. Any Italians out there who prefer to play Roman because of it, BTW?
  16. Thanks for reminding me of Erika's Legacy (boos off...). I guess I'm in favour of the gratuitous nudity now.
  17. I'm sure Demi Moore wouldn't take the role - unless we can work gratuitous nudity in somewhere.
  18. Thinking on it, Can'tActio looks a bit like a goblin - those skinny limbs + big head. No pointy ears tho'.
  19. Leonardo diCaprio should definitely play someone that doesn't involve acting. 'Gangs of New York': can'tActio v. ham-actio!
  20. A Celt with Hero of Old would be equally unassailable and more likely to get the spell, surely?
  21. To fit an approx. 100 minute format, you'd have to brutally edit it, maybe one E3 plague and exploring the three way nuances between Erika, Prazc and Rentar. Contrast the average length of a movie + information-richness (not!)with how long Exile takes to play through. + Jeff would like the royalties, I'm sure.
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