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  1. Ah, zero intelligence creatures. I don't like them. They prevent me from focusing fire on the tough enemies, as well as preventing me from forming walls of my creations to prevent them from attacking my Shaper (who, more often than not, only ends up with 1 or 2 endurance, without items). Especially those nasty enemy melee creations, who seem to have some sort of grudge against my shaper. I remember one time in GF1 or 2, in that place with the ghosts running faster than how quickly their hp dropped, I formed a wal with my creations, and I think I stayed in combat mode to ambush them w
  2. Quote: Originally written by Nick Ringer: ... what about the new thahd? I kind of like it, just a bit too spotted for me though. The new Thahd looks quite...overweight. A lot more like the Battle Alpha, in fact. But yes, The G1 spawner was much better looking, because it doesn't look like a pile of lime gelatin when it's covered in acid, it doesn't have a strange hole at the top, and it actually DOES have tentacles.
  3. There is a MUCH easier way to steal...it involves bringing up the "get item" screen, stealing whatever you want, but... slight spoiler Last time I checked, that trick was pure GOLD! Both figuratively and literally! Oh, and before you ran into quickfire, always enter combat mode, and if possible, cast haste on your entire party. Much easier to escape that way.
  4. Okay, but where could I get it at level one or two, so I could get at Cloud of Blades level 3? But, is it worth trading the Khazi for a Rakshasa, since I'll replace my Demon with a Demon Golem?
  5. Just a few more questions... Ok, I currently have... 1. Empire Dervish 2. Troglodyte Khazi 3. Demon 4. Dark Wyrm (needed to use editor to had endurance to ge this little nightmare) However, I'll only replace 2 and 3. Perhaps someone could tell me about the quality of... 1. Rakshasa (I know I'll get this one. But who will I replace?) 2. Demon Golem (should it replace the Demon? Or should I go for resistances and melee more since I already know every spell except Cloud of Blades?) 3. Lich Particularly, I would like to know resistances, since all three are fairly r
  6. In A2, I managed to capture a Rakshasa with Capture Soul 3. So, I believe it is possible in A3. I wonder if they're immune to slowing in A3, too. Well, I'm now going after Elhioc. Can his soul be captured? Oh, and is it worth capturing the soul of a Spine Beast? There are still some around who have teamed up with ogres.
  7. Drakes are actually a bit vulnerable to fire damage. Well, I also captured a Troglodyte Khazi, but they mostly just use Priest spells, even though I think I've seen they have some Mage spells (I'll go check that out). Anyway, I've also seen that Ogre Mages are immune to Ice damage (or at least awe-inspiringly resistant), but the ONLY creatures I've EVER seen that use Ice damage are (Ice and normal) Drakes breathing cold, and Baby Dragons using Ice Lances? So, the Demon really IS better for a Mage monster, isn't it? Anyway, I'm going to go find a Dervish.
  8. Okay, now I found an Ogre Mage and got his soul. Now I have a Demon AND an Ogre Mage. But...which one is better? The Ogre Mage doesn't seem to have Slow, but I've certainly seen Demons use it, but it seems the Ogre Mage is more resistant to magic.
  9. Behold! The topic rises once again! Okay, now I'm a bit of a ways into Avernum 3, and I have the following abominiations' souls trapped in a Soul Crystal: 1. Alien Slime 2. Drake 3. Demon 4. Basilisk Since I'm currently retrieving the Orb of Thralni, most of these guys are pretty good. But, the Drake and Demon have the same spells, both have good resistances and hitpoints. But, which one has more hitpoints and which one is a better spellcaster? I could find out the hard way, but it would take a while to find both, so I'm wondering if anyone here already knows.
  10. Quote: Originally written by Whan Aprill with his shoures sote: I'd have to say the most boring monster is the doomguard. Why? If you've slain one, you've slain it a hundred times! HAHAHA! If you really want to fight a Doomguard one hundred times, try using Cloud of Blades on it. So...many...Doomguards...make them go away! I think Spray Acid, Call Beast, Summon Spirit and Terror are all boring. All the other spells have their uses. There are several monsters I consider boring...like goblins, NORMAL golems and Guardians. So what? You're an invisible melee-based demon. I'll just
  11. I know this topic is VERY old, but a new question has come up. I just had a Simulacrum Limoncelli battle a Dervish, and well...Limoncelli didn't do much before he faded. So, the new question is...should I replace Limoncelli with a Dervish? edit: Perhaps resistances could decide this. Could anyone list them?
  12. Well... (SPOILER - Do not continue unless you want to know about the ending) - - - - - - At the end, when you need to use a control panel, Erika keeps Rentar-Ihrno busy so she won't teleport you away when you get to the control panel. I believe Erika also burns gigantic holes in a series of walls to make it easier to get to Rentar-Ihrno's fortress, IIRC.
  13. I just remembered that I once had a Geneforge dream (creepy, huh?) where there were good and evil creations that actually evolved the more experience they got. I remember a tiny, wimpy, pure EVIL slug-thing that turned into a hulking death juggernaught if it got enough experience. There were also human companions who could shape, as well. A very interesting dream (which was NOT inspired by Pokemon. I have been clean for a long time). But, would it be possible for your creations to actually evolve instead of just getting improved by you? That would certainly be an interesting feature
  14. Okay, just one more question: I have found only two canisters of create Drakon, is it even possible to create an Ur-Drakon in GF3 without editors?
  15. Ok, big problem! I found a control panel in Spire Forest, and, not knowing the consequences, I activated it. Now Icy End hates me, and pleaselikeme won't work. I have no saves from before I did this. How can I fix this? edit: Killing Khossos wasn't what did it, according to the GF3 guide.
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