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  1. Well, for one thing, you're relying on a guy who recently referred to his own mother as "him" to keep his pronouns straight. More seriously, though, it was a failure on my part, not on yours. I'm sorry.
  2. ...I know it's a bit short notice, and I had something lined up with Lilith for this session, but... well, once again, something just came up. Apparently, everyone around me is a lazy idiot who can't keep an appointment and stay on time if their livelihood depended on it, and insist on procrastinating/stalling on every little task. When I have to do something, I have to drop everything and do it right this second, but everyone else can apparently take their sweet freaking time without any care as to how it might disrupt my plans or schedule. And normally, I'd just take it and move on. But the thing is? It's not just disrupting me. It's disrupting you guys as well, who keep having to reschedule just to accommodate my unpredictable schedule. I've never been known as the guy who flakes out or fails to arrive when he said he would, so it's been an increasing burden that I keep failing to make sessions when I said I'd be able to. And I just don't want to keep doing this to you guys time and time again, and it doesn't look like this RL idiocy is going to stop anytime soon. It's not a decision I'm making lightly, but I'm making it official: I will no longer be participating in this campaign. It's nothing against the campaign, Lilith, or you guys. My own personal life is interfering to an extent that makes successfully scheduling a solid 5 hour block of time infeasible. I'd like to especially apologize to Lilith, who went out of his way to accommodate me after last session (I was originally planning to just switch characters). This wasn't exactly what I was hoping would happen tonight. I wish you all the best of luck, and I'll still be following the logs.
  3. Ah, crap, I wish I had seen that date change sooner. 27th does not work for me, so I'll have to sit this one out. (I have not been able to access the computer as much as I'd like as of late. )
  4. The 28th works for me. Also, an advance! Alas, it's not a particularly exciting one, but at least the wombat's more durable. Relian: +Survival, +Intimidate Waddles: +Vigor
  5. Calendared. Will get an advance up in a day or two, when I have more time.
  6. I'm sorry to flake out like this, but I've come down with one of the worst migraines I've had all year. It's making it hard to think, and while I was hoping it'd ebb enough to make the session doable, it's showing no sign of getting better. I defintiely don't think I'm going to make it to the session tonight.
  7. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make tonight's session. Basically, some unexpected visitors decided to show up, which pretty much nixes me being able to devote any reasonable time to the internet this evening. Just put Relian on healbot duties (if necessary). I don't want to cause any further delays for the rest of the group.
  8. That date works for me. Hope you get feeling better soon!
  9. 30th works for me. I would've responded sooner, but I've been under the impression that the forums had been down the past couple days. (As it turns out, at some point during some recent web browser switching, I wound up with an old bookmark to the UBB.threads forums brought to fore, rather than the IPB forums. I had been clicking on the wrong bookmark the entire time. Oops.) Advance to come shortly is here. It's just two ranks of Knowledge: Arcana, since he's been around a lot of weird magical effects as of late.
  10. I know it's not much notice, but I've been waiting on a couple of calls that I'll have to take if they come in this evening. One's a call regarding the condition of a friend who was recently hospitalized, and the other's a business call which just cropped up. Both should have already happened, but the latter caller is infamous for running behind on things. The former is... kind of a bad omen. Point is, I'll have to drop out of the session if either of those calls come in.
  11. My apologies for this taking so blasted long; real life got very, very, VERY busy. Now that I don't feel like I've been hit by a truck anymore, however, here's my advance. Basically, taking a modified Summon Ally power (more restricted, superior duration). Out of curiosity, where would a Frogadile fall, as far as summoning level? Seasoned or Veteran?
  12. As a heads-up: I may be slightly late, or may have to depart for 30 minutes mid-session. I'm waiting for an important call that I can't ignore (which was SUPPOSED to come an hour ago ).
  13. Yeah, I marked the 29th as free on the calendar, didn't I?
  14. Relian gets an advance! And a lifetime's supply of power points!
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