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  1. Djur was right. Mostly PEBKAC-compatibility issues here. Thankfully, they're pretty easy to fix.
  2. Yes, it is "want", and you're very correct.
  3. Ne viole plus la belle langue Française si tu veux vivre.
  4. It's awful French. I wouldn't even call it French dead, as that would imply it was alive at some point, and I'd rather not contemplate that.
  5. Complaining that Internet ads don't work should be grounds for summary sterilization.
  6. Your scenario was amazing, Vince. Please make more. Many, many more.
  7. i love you schrodinger!!! you are my hero
  8. <blink><font size=50><font color=red>F</font color><font color=grey>K</font color><font color=red>S</font color></blink>
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