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  1. not working still. I'll probably try using a different way to emulated it, thanks for the advice though.
  2. I'm running Windows 3.11 in DOS Box on Linux (Ubuntu 8.04 lpia kernal), and every time i go to launch Exile, it crashes Windows. Win 3.11 is running at 640x480 and 32K colours and working Audio software is installed, any ideas is there is a solution to this?
  3. Quote: Originally written by Rising Cycle Five: Forcecage just puts a fight on hold. There are very few circumstances in which it's useful. Most of them involve a very pesky ranged attacker or spellcaster you can't quite get to until you hack through the meat shields. How often does that come up? A/E3 comes to mind when you can't kill the Dragon babies, lest angering the dragon and not getting your cool two-handed special-effect sword (i forget which one it was)
  4. Why did i recall reading thaa in several places then? I know it got quite a few rewards and that those of us who loved it mostly still play it and keep discovering random quirks
  5. Ok, if nobody's going to say it, WHAT ABOUT THE PUZZLE CUBE? WILL WE HAVE AN ANSWER AS TO WHAT IT DOES???!! Or did is it just removed? Quote: Originally written by Excalibur: Nethergate is for the most part, dead. Nethergate Resurrection sounds cool, but it will probably be a flop. You realize that up until the Geneforge Series (not the first Geneforge game mind you) that Nethergate was the #1 selling Spidweb game, right?
  6. Honestly? This news demands i return my displayed name to what i used to have it at.
  7. I think Nethergate is very owrth tis price. Remember, the world size is actually that X2 because thigns work diffrently as Romans and Celts. Also, i hope my OS 8.6 box will be able to play the new Nethergate whe it comes out
  8. The only thing i want to seein A5 is X's Anvil spell, to hell with the plot so long as i can drop an anvil on an enemy (or group of enemies)
  9. Your browser is reacting in error to a little snippet of code which was dloating around here a whiel ago which should just make register date and location backwards.
  10. so, i killed the pesky demon in the tower colony, and i was told by the guy that upstairs i could find break barriers. So, where is it? ive looked in 2 books but cant get to the third because my pericign crystals dont break it. Am i confusing this with another quest, or m i jsut having crappy luck?
  11. you post twice in a row to doublwe post, not necisarily witihn x amount of seconds. and if 3000 and lower are oldbies, that means im an oldbie. 1152 - i love that number. ITs my screen resolution too, but im getting off topic.
  12. i heard the word pronounced somewhere as [see-d] but i forget where.
  13. Goboo was the best charctor, aside from Hiawatha. The 6th char persons kick ass, there is no doubt.
  14. ah, but taht was the beauty of it, its challenging appeal and intriging mystery of how to beat it and beat everything. Not even any of the guides ocem close to knowing all tis secrets.
  15. this question should be added to the "FAQ" on te forums, if not already there.
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