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  1. It's hard, athough I know there's a hidden gem somewhere, but I just can't find it. Anyway here are my suggestions if you're interested: Pillars of Eternity -Praised by a lot of people, I watched some gameplay on Youtube and closed the browser suddenly, felt like Baldur's Gate, seeing those isometric pause/action rpg makes me feel like in the middle of MOBA game and a turn-based one, and I hate that feeling Darkest Dungeon -Dark Souls vibes, hardcore turn-based combat with stress and madness, Lovecraftian themed, indie, only downside is, it's more of a background than an actual story Geneforge -Decent story, but the only turn-based is the combat, I'm okay with it, your party, most of the time, are filled creatures The Witcher -The story and gritty atmosphere flows like natural water, immersive but the combat isn't turn-based, rather, a combination of real time and turn based. But I play for the story. Legend of Grimrock -Just heard it somewhere A little list to help you out, I'm actually in a hunt for the best action rpgs I can find, so I can only give you a few. I also heard Eschalon recommended somewhere other than this topic of course.
  2. http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/20745-denna/ I've asked the same question, you can refer to my link, spoilers though. A non-spoiler answer would be; she tricked you.
  3. That's quite helpful actually, maybe I need to increase my Intelligence by 2 the time I level up because it's currently at 0 I'll take it from here, thanks Kel!
  4. So I'm here going to play BoA for coding purposes But I might try to start over because iirc my lastplaythrough was last two years ago and I just fed my singleton char with SP from the character editor, playing mainly for the story Anyway, I want to distribute my points to skills that's totally worth it, but I did notice it had no strategy central to like A:EftP's Slartyanalysis or something similar Does anyone have a list I can refer to? I have 2 custom made adventurers, I'm planning to make one tanky and the other one damage, so to narrow it down of course, but I also have a mage and a priest (typical). Where should I best dump my SPs then?
  5. Welcome to Spiderweb Software please leave your sanity at the door. 1.) Leave 2.) Refuse Or did you mean choosing to leave ends the conversation yet you can pass the checkpoint, and talking to them will make them attack you? Probably that, and the area name is named "Area Name". And next time, posting this actually in the Avernum section would be awesome and really spiderweblike
  6. Yes I've checked around the forums and now I've got some useful infos around like what are best to invest in and etc. And your signature seems pretty handy, thanks :3
  7. Finally, I've downloaded my copy of Avernum from Steam due to having a really bad internet connection and mostly due to our new house having no proper desks to play serious. I've made my build and it sucks, no I'm not going to change to casual because it's filthy, and I have a few questions. Does enemy level scale with me? Or not? I'm guessing it's the latter part because I get swamped by sliths everytime and I found some bats that I can smash to pulp without getting hit. If that's so, does anyone have a guide on what quest order is best to follow for maximum xp gain? Also, I've tried remaking my party from Darkest Dungeon, which consisted of a tank/damage, ranged damage, sorcerer, priest and now I end up reloading everytime my tank/damage I misses a hit. I just realized being a tank sacrifices your hit % because of all the trash armor you have to wear, so it seems that multi-classing is not a really good option. Plus, now I realized that not everything you find that's better in value than your current should be replaced, like leather greaves < leather pants. Leather greaves give you 4% armor and 1% chance to evade attacks but have a 5% chance to miss wherein leather pants give you 3% armor without any stat penalties. That's all for now I think, it's a pretty good game where you can't always have the fun of exploring because everything will try to kill you, sell prices are ridiculous, junk bags, talking spiders, where dragons are real dragons, some humor and finally damn the doors.
  8. Yeah like the servant mind in Minallah feels like you're a Shaper and such, but they're just minor details, there's also that one page in Rawal's journal in his quarters. Thanks Utelektr, I'm making separate saves now where I'll join Rawal for my memories.
  9. My suggestions: Some improvements on stealth
  10. Hi all, been a while since I made a topic Be warned though, dreadful spoiler alert on the answers I wanted to know more about the protagonist character in Geneforge 5, does anyone have a walkthrough on it? Or if possible, list all quests/places/dialogues that has solid and useful bits about the character? It would be a great help to me, thanks and have a good day. My reason if you're interested:
  11. And I thought I have some tweets to reassure me from crying over the release of Bloodborne .~. dis m8 got n0 ps'fore
  12. I've played the oldest Avernum games on my Windows 7 netbook and yes it does work. Still playing Geneforge and Avernum on my Windows 8 laptop today and yes, had no problems except for the creepy black sides because my screen resolution is too large, makes me cringe everytime.
  13. I didn't know avernites used power plants way before we did.
  14. For some reason (let's just blame it on my OCD), I keep my desktop clean. Wallpaper: Bloodborne Yeah and I open one program at a time, I keep my laptop in a good condition and uninstall programs regularly every month If I don't have something to uninstall, I'll find myself some useless things in the net so I can feed my uninstall craving
  15. Now I have a legit reason to post spam. Guys add me on Steam, I'm giving away a free copy of any game under $60, only to the first mod who quotes my post. By stating a double post, does that mean this post is also my last? Post 3
  16. I've never been in an RP mainly due to most of it not being Geneforge. So I'm joining because it's Geneforge. I've got a few questions though: -When will it start -Will we get to choose a class -Where will the RP take place, chat or here -Tips of noobs
  17. This is exactly what I had in mind, except that it was all fragments and I can't make up the thought, so this was indeed, helpful. Besides, 4th year highschool students barely write official letters regarding this and that, so what can they expect from me? Thanks Edgwyn, I owe you one.
  18. Hi all Just so you know, the results for the entrance exams were released this January 28, and I didn't meet the quota scores for both my courses, because I didn't realize they were both in-demand and I didn't know there was a quota for the university. I'm writing a reconsideration letter, generally, a letter to the dean of your preferred course, a report card of your grades and finally, an interview. I'm going to need help writing my letter, aside from my parents and some sources, this forum is one of the things in the net I trust. So, anyway, the letter needs to be convincing, not boring, interesting and probably not too long; imagine how many piles of letters the dean must have on his/her mailbox lol Any guidelines? Tips? Templates? I'm going to need all the help I can get. Good day everyone
  19. None that I know of, there's always Cheat Engine if you're really desperate about money...
  20. Slith are best fitted to be ninjas... YEAHHHHHHHHHH
  21. I don't know if this is called depression or such, but I'll share mine anyway Last three days, Jan 28 we received the results of our college entrance exams. It was one of the top universities in our country and the entrance exam was easy, in general. Back about 4-5 months ago, just after we took the test, me and my classmates cheered and laughed that we'll get a sure pass on the exam. I even boasted that there's a 99% that I will pass, probably because I left no answer unshaded, it left me full of confidence, hope and pride. Where my classmates were anxious about the results, I simply laughed at them and stated how easy it was. But I was wrong all along, so wrong. At dismissal, I gave my applicant number and my surname to my classmate since they brought their router to school (it was free time, no classes) so I checked my results if I passed. I didn't. The dreams I have formed and imagined were all crushed. I chose no other university since it is a 'sure pass'. Yet I failed. I came home and my best friend comforted me with words. I forced myself not to cry because it's the worst thing I could ever do. When I tried to cry anyway since no one is looking, I couldn't. I couldn't even hate anything, I just felt despair helplessly without a thing to do or say. I lost my dignity, my confidence and pride. I lost thoughts of good life of my future. But no suicidal thought or anything, I don't want to lose what my ancestors had started a hundred years ago. So I will persist on that university.
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