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  1. I am a huge, huge fan of Exile 2, and kind of a partisan of the original series (one of my primary games growing up was Blades of Exile, after all), but I have been cautious about recommending it, or the Exile series, to friends. I do find the mechanics more generally satisfying, and absolutely have a powerful aesthetic affinity for the old graphics. But I've had to recognize that the way I came to know and love the series was wholly contingent on how I first encountered it. Me and the first boy I had a crush on bonded over playing Exile 1 together (and in retrospect we were completely ter
  2. did the throwing book actually work as designed in E3? i thought that the code for infinite ammunition items was broken until BoE (and sketchy even then)
  3. it feels a little mean in any context really, and a bit of a relic of a time when non-bottom-feeder internet culture was more casually ableist (not an accusation or anything, just an extended sigh)
  4. uhhh... 1905, aka what historians call "the nadir of american race relations"? a time at which a massive flood of immigrants attempted to integrate into white supremacy in a foreign and xenophobic country by positioning themselves as agents of violent racism, stepping through a groove cut into the white american psyche by the late history of slavery? sharecropper times, jim crow times, grandfather clause times? and let's not even get into the fact that american railroad and steamer companies of that time put out massive advertisement campaigns in europe promoting the ready availability of
  5. my primary goals right now are to escape my suffocating house and power through gatekeeping for access to surgery and vital documents; for things to stop feeling like a nightmare i'm too weak to wake up from. the only true goal in life, though, is to becoming a perfect and perfectly self-contained goat
  6. I'm rewatching Boardwalk Empire because the last arc hit me like a ton of bricks and recontextualized a lot of the first three seasons pretty hard. It's okay. DS9 is pretty great too. I liked Hannibal enormously but I feel gross about the end of the second season. I've not been loving Better Call Saul so far, but it's something to watch. If I had to point to the best thing on TV right now it'd be Steven Universe. The way my friends have been talking about it has used the phrase "positive subversion" a lot and I feel that pretty strongly.
  7. *small voice* you ever wonder if the zombie genre making a huge comeback in the US after bush gutted the federal emergency infrastructure and especially after hurricane katrina might mean something
  8. the way you deal with a zombie apocalypse is by having ideas aligned with the author about the social problem his or her zombies metaphorically represent, of course. what other way could there possibly be?
  9. Hey! If you have cool or good rocks or crystals or stones or anything else you want to share post them here. Please! The forums need this. This is a cube made of shungite that came for me in the mail! I don't know why or how. The cut is actually pretty far off from cubic but it's still a cube in my eyes and I am proud to call this amorphous mineraloid my child.
  10. i didn't have one so i made myself a desktop image (here if it's broken)
  11. they have pretty quality lower body products, although the selection is kinda limited if you're not smal
  12. carries are nerds by definition. as someone who is inherently buff and strong despite having almost no money, i enjoy being a feckless nerd who thinks she's real tough hiding behind a vlads and bkb. like a little vacation from being cool
  13. As I've said a thousand times, my policy is that if a crystal wants to go along on an adventure with me and my squadron of murderous gay thieves it will signal this by being inherently worth money.
  14. For the second, let's say I'm having the party choose between good mundane weapons versus mediocre and common 1-handed weapons specially designed to do damage to unprincipled blobs: an easy way to do that would be to throw Giant Slaying on it and make all unprincipled blobs Giants (and nothing else the party encounters a Giant). Throwing a "special removed on scenario end" flag on that would ensure I didn't just ruin some other designer's day. Alternative possibilities: a platinum ring of fire resistance whose power can't survive the light of the sun, etc. I guess I mostly was thinking about i
  15. eh: you can buy food from sliths, and a party of sliths doesn't seem to eat any different. i'm willing to accept a handwave over that as a gameplay element, but nothing really suggests that sliths have any inherent edge over humans in living in exile except being amphibious (or well-adapted to water) and thus being less endangered by the caves' cold, vicious lakes and rivers. they live in the wettest parts of the caves, and they're the most threat to human settlements along the water. if i had to headcanon something up to explain the discrepancy you're pointing to, it'd be cultural. humans
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