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  1. I have to admit I don't know if I have old or remake version, I probably have both. In Escape there are statues that say they will talk when they are ordered to do so and they belong to Erika (The one in Sulfras domain says this). But I can get no information from Erika. How do I get them to talk? Thank you!
  2. I can't find wizard Rosalie listed after Clear the Cult quest. What town is she in?
  3. To get into the Monastery of tears, can you be either a rebel or a shaper?
  4. Every time I follow the servile in this quest, they see me and I cannot get into their camp. Do I need a certain level of leadership?
  5. I checked the boards and saw nothing. I escorted the caravan through the sinkhole, but it is not at the Cairn Gates. There is no way to open these doors? I don't know what else I can do.
  6. I'm sorry you are perplexed.  I play these games to relax and chill out.  If you are really interested and are not making fun of me, I am happy to talk to you at length and explain what I am thinking/saying. I am acknowledging the difference between the intrinsic value of intellectual property and the value of intellectual property given supply/demand in some respects.  Hit me up and I will send you some stuff, its pretty basic.

    1. Kelandon


      No, you explained that part.


      Also, no one was making fun of you.

  7. I mean women might not be as attracted to the visual effects and sound as men. I know this from watcing many movies with men. A large and growing segment of gaming is 40 ish mothers taking a quick break and I can't imagine that many have a gaming computer and controls, although I have done so in the past. 40ish people and their spouses. Many were introduced through silly things like Candy Crunch. I could go on but I think that is enough. I am a marketer and of course there are segments to any market. An attitude was unnecessary and ridiculous and I don't particularly appreciate it, altho
  8. I wanted to add something. I am a bit of a geek. I can code and worked in finance and options (and music financial business). I turn off the sound. I am attracted to this game because of its simplicity. I hope that Jeff can get his hit blockbuster game if that is what he wishes. But I love these games the way they are. They are a great way to destress. The storyline and simplicity encourage the use of imagination over mechanics. I can pick it up on my Ipad while traveling or at work or waiting for something and I don't need a big fancy computer or involved mouse or controls. I suppose
  9. I know what I did. I got stuck in the crypt that is dark so I used a cheat code to get out. I just redid the game...
  10. Yes, I think it is a glitch.
  11. I am playing escape from the pit. My characters can only see three spaces in front of them. I know the game might do this, but the whole game playing area is doing this now. Every section. I can't make the game show up.
  12. Hi, I see you are online.  I was in a Crypt in Escape from the Pit.  Now my characters have "lost their way in the dark".  Even in other areas my characters can only see a few spaces.  The area is dark.  is this a glitch?  I am trying to fix it. Thank you!

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    2. Randomizer


      That's meant to be a puzzle. I dropped low value items like food or other things from my junk bag to mark which one of the identical looking rooms i was in. There are 4 of them and exits jump to the same room and the others depending on which way you go. There are also sometimes hidden switches.


      The hard part is you get attacked.

    3. Wendy


      I am in the Crypt of Drath.  I can't use a light, and there are no maps that come up so that I can see where I am.  What should I do?

    4. Wendy


      Thanks.  I was going to use the location function to map it out, but I found an easier way.  Thank you.

  13. I cant find him, either. I think he got killed. Prior to this I spoke with him a few times.
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