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  1. Creation Madness Mod (Beta) V.30 ==================================================== I know I've tested it a lot of times. But please also check it for bugs and post it ONLY in this post!!!! Download here: <http://www.mediafire.com/?xmt8tg1ocp3s7yd> Changlelog: No changelog!!! Hope ya enjoy it!!!
  2. shape shapers? that was exactly my experiment right now! lol
  3. Uhhh.. how do you make that Click to reveal button?
  4. On what you just said, I would be glad to join in...
  5. It is very simple (not the negative simple, cheap word) but it might be possible. There is more chance of making this game if you have the right minds/tools.
  6. Gentlemen... Illegally shape an Unbound without the proper shaping vats/machinery are available now!!! at http://www.spiderwebforums.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=258935
  7. The storyline is what really matters. Even if the whole Geneforge saga was in a book, I would surely buy that. The audio/video quality is very important in a game, but not as much as that of a storyline. Imagine playing skyrim without the proper story. Just like Avernum 3. Avernum 3 is very flat-looking and mostly 2d. But when it comes to the whole storyline, it is fun and enjoyable.
  8. Well, I'm proud to present my very first successful script edit!!! Studying through experience (partly through the scripting info post, credits to The Ratt), I've made this script that WON'T corrupt your game! I've tested it many times. I just altered the Ur-Drakon so it's just like a normal Ur-drakon with a different color, power and action points. Back to the good part... ================================= Download it here!!! <http://www.mediafire.com/?85nf0rq1mxqfbf0> to use the script, go to the folder where you installed geneforge 5, go to the scripts folder and replace it! (or if you still want to see the ur-drakon, make a backup file) Unbound X features: *Ok, first of all, it is named "Unbound X" because It could corrupt some files in Geneforge 5 and I never tested it. And "X" is the most popular literal variable in math. You can still rename it if you want to.* Teh real good part: >I gave the Unbound extra action points >It breaths acid, lightning and (forgot the other one) >Good in melee >Same colored as the unbound Teh bad part: >does not have a spinning nimbus on it's body >does not have the Area of Damage radius thingy never mind those bad stuff! the good part is that you can shape an (modified) unbound!
  9. Hmmn... a really nice post... it's gradually helpful
  10. Sad to say it couldn't be made, well this was just one of my suggestions even though it might (5% chance) or might not (95% chance) happen. Anyway, thanks for replying to my first post!!!
  11. Avernum meets Geneforge? lol, anyway, could be possible but probably spiderweb won't do it.
  12. So cool... can I suggest an unbound creation? Instead of the ornk?
  13. The weird bunker on the west end of New Cotra can be entered when you have spoken to Sandra about the bunker, she then, will tell you to speak with Commander Johnson about the bunker. Commander Johnson will swear then tell you the password (Galros). Now go to New Cotra and to the bunker. The way into the bunker is on it's right side. After completing the slime pits, roach infestation and the great barrier, you can tell the wizard who you think is the culprit.
  14. The xian items scattered over the surface in Avernum 3 ================================ Item name Description Xian coins = Will give you coins in a small amount often. Xian pants = Seriously heavy,+4 to LCK,-1 to STR,DEX,END,INT Xian tome = Every page of every book in Avernum 3 can be read here (random) Xian shrub = Pretty useless though, will make plants sprout randomly Xian pouch = Leaks some dust, most of the time, leaks harmful and hindering effects e.g. acid, disease Xian ale = Great for bringing it on your travels, will bless the carrier often Xian rock = Will spawn rocks in carrier's inventory (also heard rumors about spawning rough diamonds and amber) Xian skull = My most favorite xian item, oftentimes keeps the character entertained (unless you've already read all of it's dialogue), will also say something useful Xian vest = A pretty good armor, but will -2 STR and -5 DEX Xian Chainmail = Mostly disadvantages
  15. Editor so cool that it will make your head spin right round All credits go to Ganduv for making that astonishing editor!!! http://www.spiderwebforums.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=175661#Post175661 ^^^^^^^^----link Unlimited power is within your copy/paste (or click) ------------------------- after downloading, make backups of your old scripts and paste in the new one. Can't find your scripts folder? go to program files and look for the spiderweb software folder, find geneforge 4, go find the scripts folder, drag the downloaded scripts there. Or go to the destination on where you installed geneforge 5 and do the same thing above. If you're still confused and still don't know what to do, feel free to message me. ========================= How to activate: go to the power spiral in pacification fields (pacification fields has only one power spiral, so it won't be hard to find it.), click it, it's fun. Here's a hint: Don't press shaper gear or rebel gear, rebel gear seems fine, but after choosing a gear for a class, (I've only tested this in servile gear)you won't get anything and if you will press the power spiral again, it will say script is absent, so don't do that. the 2nd one is on minallah, the sign near to 4 rogue thahds, its similar to the other one, but at least it can recharge you for 10000 energy/essence and health (and can teach you to shape ornks too, to shape an ornk <what a waste of creation space> press the shape a creation then simply hit the enter button but it's bite is pretty powerful for it's level).
  16. Well, this was just my idea if geneforge 5 became an MMORPG: 1.) Monthly event and item updates (some items might be rare after an event ends) 2.) Interact with other people 3.) Attack/Trade with other people 4.) Become a clan/cult/rebel/shaper leader (or create one) 5.) Entity Room Limit (depends on size of an area) 6.) Give quests to other people (or post in a job board) 7.) Free to play 8.) Buy/Sell houses 9.) Teach other people with your skills for money 10.) Conquer area by area 11.) Make a huge creation project (similar to the "Unbound project" in Geneforge 4 except you will be the one designing your own) 13.) I skipped 12.) 14.) Create a new type of creation (pure new creation, not an altered, charged or a stock from an existing creation, in better words, not an upgrade of an existing creation) 15.) Java powered 16.) Shaping of spawners 17.) Building of your own fort, safehouse etc. 18.) Maximum creation space: 8 (can bring creations to the nearest tender, if creations are beyond 8, creation tending will also cost you some gold depending on that person. If he/she logs out, your creations from the tender will start to follow you instead and will not be charged at all.) 20.) Skipped 19.) 21.) V.I.P. Membership (to support the game) 22.) Each player will have a different character save file (example if a player hasn't finished a quest, and another has done it. Will have less corruption in game.) 23.) Player can choose to have a secondary class for extra money (merchant, innkeeper, creation tender, message envoy, etc.) 24.) Get to choose your character from 4 species (human, drakon, servile, gazer *could add slithzerkai... maybe*) 25.) After dying, you will be respawned to where you started (if you don't have a house) or to your house. 26.) Still 3rd person view 27.) Wish this game doesn't lag too much 28.) Create your own rules and regulations 29.) Ranks 31.) Skipped 30.) 32.) Special character classes (arcane engineer, carpenter, chemist etc.) will have special GUIs (Gaming User Interface). Like for example: carpenters will have a special crafting interface that will enable them to make doors, cabinets, caches and more. 33.) Oh, and yes, there will be no cheats ===================================================== These are just some of my ideas if Geneforge 5 became an MMORPG. Unfortunately, this is almost impossible to make, scripts won't do good here and it will require monthly downloads of new events/creations. Only if Spiderweb Software was rich as Carlos Slim Helu, they could probably make these. But one day, it might come true and it will be my most favorite game ever.
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