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  1. I like how these are all general MMO problems that would only expand to spiderweb MMOs if they were ever made, not actually being caused by a SWMMO (sounds catchy)
  2. Also changes how you scale with essence (shaper>guard>agent), energy (agent>shaper, guard), and health (guard>agent>shaper)
  3. changing it to shaper at this point will just change your sprite. there are many things affected by this, namely stats.
  4. I think i made it pretty clear that I don't support Hitler or Nazis or anything. I'm just saying that the symbols were nice.
  5. Hitler was a well-intentioned extremist in his own mind, his symbols were quite awesome if you forget what they stood for with him. No one ever does.
  6. Would you like a hack to get you the orkn ability from the start? no more?
  7. you know...one could make an MMO using all the existing graphics, formulas, dialogues, etc. Leaving only the multiplayer part to be worked on. unbalanced? Who cares! It would be crazy fun. Imagine making a party with each member being a real player? imagine shaper/rebel/empire/avernum conflicts with real players,especially those choices where both factions get different missions in one area. Imagine all the value seemingly worthless artifacts would get! Imagine the unsellable throwels! Oh well, it will never happen. (OR WILL IT)
  8. I myself love the older games for their older graphics, and there are many more from where I came from. Jeff has an audience, for all of his games. have this too I would kill for a 3D version of a spiderweb game though, but with all the old mechanics, and possibly old 3D graphics as well.
  9. Which is perfectly acceptable given what the Demonslayer is meant for.
  10. Fluffy is a great and simple name. Tank isn't. But both of these are worse than most of the other suggestions.
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