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  1. You're not in the right Stone Circle. In CampNightshade go to the foremost Lower Right corner. There's a tower and the circle is inside.
  2. have you tried baldur's gate 2?
  3. do i really have to kill off the squatters? i feel like i'm a murderer!
  4. gladwell=emperor palpatine! he looks like him too!
  5. arrgghh! thanks, i'll look for it. snifles.
  6. Help! How do I get rid of the Unstable Mass before they split in two?
  7. Hi, I've fought the bound one and now I'm looking for levers to disarm the hot floors. Does anybody know where in the pit I might find them? Thanks.
  8. MJ

    Abandoned Thahd

    RE: Dayna. Never mind, I found her. I just wasn't looking. Thanks all the same.
  9. MJ

    Abandoned Thahd

    RE: To Slasher: Zora and the Abandoned Thadh. Well, I liked the company, that's all. To Kelandon: Dearie, I looked after you slammed me, and I didn't found anything about spamming. Maybe it's written and I just haven't found it, still, there's no need to bordering on nasty. I belong to several groups and it's the first time that a group where I see forum related postings are called spamming. I felt they should be separate since I was adressing different questions. This a forum about a game if I'm not mistaken. So I feel we should all relax and remember to breathe deep. I meant no harm. I
  10. MJ


    *waahh* Shanti will die, I kinda liked her. Why did she have to die? *sniff*
  11. I've found the lonesome Battle Alpha, could I convince him to join my team?
  12. *waaaahhh* The abandoned Thahd abandoned me, it was too scared. Is there any way to find him again? Zora did the same thing, is she back in the Drypack Mines?
  13. Hi, I'm looking for the nutrient for the minds. like the Ruined School Mind. I found some in Ellrah's Keep but then I think I lost it. Where could I find some more?
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