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  1. Do you enjoy discussing controversal topics? No. Because everybody is entitled to their own opinions, but still, we need to hear everyone else's. Supposedly, that's unsure, but I since I don't enjoy discussing, so no. That sums up everything Although, I answered unsure on those I have no opinions about yet, such as LGBT or globalization
  2. Avernum is fantastic, it's simple and fun, unlike the other RPGs I've played with incomprehensible D&D stats. But Geneforge felt more original, it's not just any other RPG you will find. Avadon, on the other hand, seems... like a bit of Geneforge, a little of Avernum and then everything else feels like the "standard sword & sorcery setting" Plus, I've remembered the time where I still was on 5th grade with my old desktop PC, playing a demo of Geneforge 4 before Steam was mainstream. I've made my own house near the uncle shaper guy and completed almost every quest that's available, even trying to bug the game so it would fully unlock the demo. Good times, good times.
  3. If you actually read the text carefully, you'll know who to turn them in, or wherever or whatever happened to the Presence. Jeff should do more games like this, it feels so dark and dank where you don't get spoonfed all the time with all the quests pointed by a psychic-floating map marker in your screen. Spoilers ahead Or just use a walkthrough.
  4. Strongly agreed, Skyrim is open, yet too huge to be filled with a rich atmosphere. No, I don't want to label stuff as RPGs and such as it leads to unnecessary debates. I only added it to my own opinion of an RPG as you can roleplay almost any character you build from the different combinations (or permutations? Math guys? Anyone?) of skills, rules and restrictions you can make. That said, I'm sorry about my random crap-posting in the thread, I went hasty and judged a person by his post, although, there is no guarantee that won't happen again, but I'm going to avoid from such things. LOOOOOOOLL
  5. Of course, like every other games you have can get their save data transferred to another computer, aside from MMOs of course. My Geneforge save data is located in My Documents, a good example would be: C:\Users\Deogracias\Documents\Geneforge 4 Saved Games Copy the whole Geneforge save game file, put it in a usb (since it's only a few mb), install the game on another computer, then overwrite the newly installed empty save games in My Documents with the file you got from your usb.
  6. @Nalyd Wow, thanks, I didn't perceive combat for that once. I've always thought an HP of 13/40 is wounded and bleeding to death, and auto-heals are impossible, advanced regeneration passives that no one can do. I've pretty much hated those things, to remedy that, I keep in my mind that your character is the overused "Chosen One" and can destroy 5387379 planets in a lift of a finger.
  7. You wanted to support GOG, well that's great. But a good rule of thumb would be to check out demos for games, even if you've got extra dollars lying around, why would you regret buying it then? At least, you've supported Jeff's family and GOG itself. I'm not trying to start a trash talk here (although I admit that I sound I do), but your approach could have been less hostile. If I was a game dev and a lot of people liked auto-heal, and a minority did not, why should I risk my money in removing the auto-heal if a lot of players liked the feature. And as Darth Ernie meant, you could simply uninstall the game and play Dark Souls if you hate auto-heals and want a hardcore combat like it. Personally, I lost interest in isometric top-down RPGs, mainly because I didn't like how my characters have to rely on percentage to dodge or parry attacks, I prefer to use my reflexes in dealing with block and dodges. Standing and waiting in combat turns doesn't sound realistic and isn't immersive either, unlike Skyrim, Dark Souls or Witcher or many other real-time rpgs that do. I don't like how you cannot sneak into those games, making stealth-based characters seem like warriors with debuffs. While in... etc etc What I mean is, there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. Is the game moddable? Cool, check the scripts and turn off a the healing string or whatever there. Can't mod the game? Deal with it, play another game, that suits your taste. No demos? There are a billion let's play videos out there. Simple as that.
  8. Can't decide, or maybe I don't have enough time yet, or both, which is the norm. Refer to Spiderweb's Code of Honor
  9. And I've just asked my classmate to buy me a Steam wallet from the store this week, a coincidence. When will it end?
  10. Yeah, I barely reached the minimum requirements for it. My laptop is: HP Intel Core i5 Intel Graphics 4000 4GB RAM Windows 8 In the lowest settings with the GeDoSaTo enabled, I get about 30-40 fps on average. But in some instances, it goes down to 15-20 fps. But there's nothing I could do about it, and it's not a very good PC port either *shrugs* The heavy stuttering starts when I go to narrow pathways, dark chambers lit by flickering torches, or the draw distance of Majula. Oh well, so much for that. I knew those Javascript things are hogging memory. I'll keep that in mind, for future use.
  11. Really? That's a lot if you ask me. My Opera uses only about 20-50 mb of memory with this tab opened. Checking my task manager, there are 4 Opera exes opened, idk why there's four instances, but one uses 56 mb, one 44, one 32, and one 22 add that up and you get 154 mb in total. Even with that usage, I'm still paranoid with the values, even though it's only about 3% of my total ram. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll probably try it out when it gets stable or mainstream +1 Thanks Misc Staple, I'm going to check it out now. I like walkthroughs that point out nearby treasures or the "be careful because this enemy can" types. I hate guides that are too much detailed and spoils too much that it can turn into a novel. I've searched for Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough in the net and everything that appears is the pdf guide you have to pay or IGN and Prima's. Thanks again guys for your great help :3
  12. As you all know, I have a really crappy laptop, it's not the best thing for gaming either, so I'm trying to reduce every single load I can find on it, even the smallest of margins mattered to me, to make my laptop as fast as possible. Unnecessary rants on spoilers, only for the curious Like I've said, I want a light browser that uses the least memory/RAM/CPU/Disk or whatever you people call it. You know, a browser that runs barebones and only loads pictures and texts, nothing more. If it exists that is.
  13. This... You took the words right out of my mouth, it is the EXACT same reason why I don't feel immersed in any of Jeff's games, aside from Geneforge. Can somebody please tell me about that special something Geneforge has? I can't seem to get it out from the tip of my tongue.
  14. I think there should be at least a harsh remark Greta should make, or something that would urge Alwan to smash her face in, although it depends if you're planning to make it a T or M fanfic That's also a problem of mine; I tend to add in too much details in some of my works, but I don't think you need to, as Geneforge fans would be the ones to read your story. Now I'm not saying that it will suck or something, but I doubt busy people with limited time on their day will actually read stuff they aren't interested in. So yeah, no offense intended. I'm looking forward to it, fanfiction.net or the blog thing on the forums can be a good start.
  15. This sniped my previous posts/post It's kinda like, if you're a superficial gamer and started your gaming career at 2015, played all awesome, modern graphics games with all those AA FXAA stuff max ultra settings on your powerful rig. And one day, people stated that Deus Ex is 3207448 times better than Deus Ex: HR. The gamer would then check out DE, but would he even bother to play it with the combat system, or the graphics? Or maybe Thief 1 vs Thief 4, a lot of people play Thief 4, but what if Thief 1 was remade? I bet 3207448 people would play the remade Thief. Last example: Elder Scroll's Daggerfall and Arena. I'm being superficial, but I don't want to play games on a DosBox or something. If Bethesda remade those two games, I would, no doubt, be tempted to play them. That goes the same for Spiderweb
  16. I've started reading Way of Shadows from the Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks. I've resumed my reading activities from a two month break of no-reading. Anyway, the book is quite strange as I find it realistic and has a rich although grotesque setting. It reminds me of the Thieves' Guild in Skyrim, yet, the book offered so much more what Skyrim cannot. Wat.
  17. adc.

    1.7 GHz vs 2.53 GHz?

    That happened to my laptop once when it was still a few months old. I played League of Legends one day, and saw my fps stutter and seem to cap at around 20-30. I removed my charger then saw it ran smooth as butter, from 20-30 to the 60 vsync cap. Then when it almost ran out, I had to plug in the charger, but it would stutter again and all that. So I tried taking a look at my power plan and it was on the default balanced state. I set it to high performance and it solved the problem. But I've played LoL during my first few months with my laptop on balanced without any problem. And by that I mean it is 60 fps on charger while on balanced power plan. Which is weird. Oh well, thanks for the explanation guys. I'll take it from here.
  18. adc.

    1.7 GHz vs 2.53 GHz?

    Oh, that explains. My assumption was hey, it's only one intel generation thing, what could go wrong? Well I was wrong, thanks Lilith. But I do remember when I opened his laptop at school, the game ran at 20 fps for a sec then the next thing was smooth 60. Strangely, I've observed that his laptop runs best on battery rather than on charger. Something's definitely not right. I would advise him to play using the battery, but after 1 minute, the laptop would shut down, because his battery is kinda broken.
  19. Let's get to the point My laptop specs And Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card Windows 8 I think that's all So my friend asked me if I could fix his laptop as it is overloaded with bloatware and viruses. Starting up takes his laptop like 10 minutes to run at full speed. There were a lot of unnecessary programs in the background and stuff. It was a horrible sight, yes. So I reformatted his laptop, installed the Dell drivers, nothing more. It was much faster than it was before, well at least it is. Problem is, I used a random Unity game as a measuring stick to measure his laptop's performance. Mine ran the game at smooth 60fps at high performance. Yet when I tried his laptop, it was frequently shifting from 10-30 fps at the same high performance. That was a few months ago, but IIRL, his specs are: Intel Core i5 something something CPU @2.53 GHz 3GB RAM 64-bit Windows 7 professional Intel HD Graphics 3000 And I thought his laptop was supposed to run better games than mine. Anyone knows why?
  20. Sorry, I used to assume too much back then I wasn't comfortable with Photobucket as it was my first image-hosting site, it made me feel so cranky when I used it, and I assumed that the others were like that too. No need to look down on yourself, that's what members are for, this be your SpidWeb
  21. I knew this would happen Basically, I was too lazy to make my own account on random image hosting sites because of the enter your email, enter it again, enter your password, enter it again, choose a username, a verification will be emailed to you, log to your gmail acc, click the link, account verified, settings, tweak stuff. Well, idk if you have time for that, but I don't, so I use FB But if you do have spare time and the muscles to do it, you have surpassed my laziness and therefore, I crown you as Diligent Aleric And do try Lilith and Neb's posts, it kinda depends actually on which idea works best for you. Leave to sanity, please door your Spiderweb Software at the welcome
  22. Glad to have helped. That'd be ridiculous, especially when you're uploading a pic as a punchline from someone else's post that won't surprise the mods for extra reps ;_;
  23. I don't upload attachments and stuff here. My usual workaround is uploading a pic to Facebook with the only me privacy, getting the link for the pic then using the 'Image' button here. You can also use imgur if you plan on keeping them for future use.
  24. It's probably in the My Documents Folder, copy the whole thing, then paste it in a usb or something, then run GF then paste the folder and overwrite.
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