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  1. I don't know there's a topic there like this before, so, yeah, I apologise if there is. Will Avadon 3 have a new class? I was hoping for a cross between a rogue and a sorcerer, or an alchemist, a monk (assuming the player is no longer sided with Avadon), a paladin, a bard, a hunter, a car, a daedra, a witcher etc. Not saying Tinkermage is not good, it's pretty unique building turrets and such, but the classes I prefer most aren't there Or maybe a custom character creation, creating different combinations of classes, but considering the restrictions like only specific characters can wield such things, there's a pretty small chance it would be implemented.
  2. Same, I wondered where the game left out though.
  3. adc.

    Adobe Flash Artist

    Poser? I didn't know about that lol, I thought Jeff used MS Paint to make his characters Not really telling Jeff his drawings suck, but you can create Avernum characters out of MS Paint, just sayin' Anyway, thanks for the info BMA, I might try it out once I got the router stable.
  4. Why don't the customers buy twice? You know, just to be sure that you've bought. You can never be sure of anything.
  5. You play TW2? I didn't know that. Who knew that you could edit posts without being a mod? That's awesome!!!
  6. adc.

    Adobe Flash Artist

    I'm not really looking for ways to improve my art, I'm just saying I can't make my own characters. I copy a bunch of clothes/cosmetics/anything on the net, mash it up, and there's my character. But what about their behinds? Their rumps? Their backs? Their sides? So it seems I'll probably need to start learning some tips to draw those things.
  7. Hmm... Now our computer class is all about Adobe Flash CS6, we were grouped into threes, and as usual, all the burden falls to me; the drawing, the animating, the storyline etc. I've made a really decent plot, I would learn animating through the lessons. So yeah I suck at drawing, so do the other two "useful" members. Let's cut to the chase I need help or any link that would give me an advice on drawing specialized for Adobe flash. Any ideas?
  8. Nothing much can be done about it, I do feel your pain though. I've played a lot of RPGs wherein you have to press Esc to close any menu, and I love it. But when I started playing Fallout 3, you have to press Tab, to bring up/close the stats/inventory/skills etc. menu. I got used to pressing Esc that instead of closing the menu, it pauses the game with the save/load options etc. and I almost swore 20% of the time it happens. About the highlighting option, they kinda removed it in Avadon 2, also tried pressing Tab as that was the key for Geneforge, button brought up a map. But they did include the close doors option, which wasn't in Avernum: Escape from the Pit
  9. I think this topic is done for now. I didn't do anything to speed up my PC, I guess I'll leave it just the way it is. Playing TW2 with 20-40 fps at the cost of having 800x600 screen res. I guess I just got used to Skyrim's "get more performance without sacrificing your graphics thing".*shrugs* I could play on even the lowest settings possible but the tiny font makes my eyes bleed.
  10. Ok, calm down guys, I've seen some weird stuff over here. I played Witcher 2 again, with auto-detect settings and my max (1366x768) res. Opened up task manager and found out that it was using only 15-20% of my memory, it isn't a memory leak if you ask me. Wait, what's memory leak? EDIT: It uses about 600-700 MB memory
  11. You're... serious? Wow, I've never thought that I could play a game like that on this thing, I've searched for countless solutions from Steam to GoG, and most users' answers were the typical "turn off the ubersampling crap" and their problem is solved. But not mine D: Although, I did noticed when I switched the game res to 320x240 which is pretty much the most ridiculous thing, I got about 30-45 fps, no keyboard delays, no mouse delays, everything was perfect on that tiny game window. 800x600 with 20-25 fps was good for me, but it seems like I have to decipher the jagged letters from the screen, windowed or not makes no difference at all. I think I'll go and search for more solutions, and I might just reply to this thread if I found any.
  12. Outside of Steam, Gog.com I was wondering why it was called good old games when I can't get a decent playable framerate. You don't have to worry about that Sy, when I go to college, I'll try to earn some side cash to build my own PC. Being in 4th year highschool means I'll use up most of my time studying than crying and ranting about games, I just thought that maybe I have had an untapped potential on my laptop that I haven't discovered. Thanks to all the helpful reply guys (especially to you Mr. Q +1 to you ), now I know that I'm left with no other choices but to upgrade, or get a new one.
  13. YES! Yes it does, which is when I first ran it, the trailer had me 'woah, dat graphics' I could move my mouse on the menus smoother than butter, 120+ fps all the way, but when I actually started playing it, it feels worse than having TF2 on an intel atom netbook. Thief 4 has crappier performance than Witcher 2, or was it better? Anyhow, I'm still stuck between 10-25 fps on these two games. Any more help is appreciated, if there are any remaining ;_;
  14. I used BitDefender before, but it adds some load to my laptop. So I now use the default Windows Defender. I cannot live a day without checking the laptop's resource monitor. I also forgot to mention that I've disabled every single non-Windows service I could find in the msconfig.exe thing. Thanks for the suggestions guys, will wait for more. EDIT: I think I have an Ivy Bridge, since it is i5-3317u @ 1.7GHz
  15. I swear, you've all heard this rant before, usually related to speeding up laptops, computers, netbooks etc. And this is what this topic is all about. I have done everything in my reach to speed up my laptop. I just felt maybe it has some sort of untapped MOAR FPS power that I could tinker to get the max juice from it. I don't know if I had done that thing or not, but here's the details. Hp Pavilion 15-n221sa Intel Core i5 4GB ram Intel HD Graphics 4000 Windows 8 -Always taken care of -About two years old -Always set to High Performance -Always plugged in -Has never overheated even once -I am inside a room that has a cool temperature -Set my virtual paging file size to a min of 6000 and a max of 6000 -I have the latest graphics card (maybe?) -Regularly cleaned and checked with CCleaner and SpyHunter (once a week) -From a 448GB HDD space, I still have 352GB free That might be all I think. Note that I won't answer to these suggestions: -Your laptop sucks lol -Get a new one/build your own, since laptop sucks lol -Buy a new ram -Turn that thing to Windows XP Let's see: -I can run Skyrim on a Low setting with an average of 35-60 fps -Can run Spiderweb games perfectly -Can run Fallout 3 with microstutters (probably to the 2 core problem thinggy) I don't know why I'm still asking, but the next-gen games are coming, and I doubt my specs would be able to cope up with it. -Ran Witcher 2 on the lowest setting possible, along with the ini tweaks with the lowest settings possible, got only an average of 5-10 fps on 1366x768 the max screen res, getting a 20-25 on 800x600, but I have to put in a lot of effort to read the font. -Ran Thief 4 on the lowest settings possible, along with the lowest ini tweaks, got only 10-20 average fps from a 1024x768 res I was thinking of getting an SSD, but I'll have to convince my dad to buy it, if everything else fails.
  16. Steam Summer Sale does a good job of opening your wallet... But the problem is... I don't have money, nor a wallet, nor a Steam account, nor a gaming laptop ;_; Plus, Witcher 2 is sale for like 3 dollars
  17. TAKE THAT . . . . . . . . . OUCH MY EYES
  18. No. Yes. Welcome to Spiderweb Software, sanity please leave the your door. The Black Books fill your head with a sea of visions.
  19. Aba = Aba Boot Bucker Boot = Aba Boot Bucker Bucker = Aba Boot Bucker Aba Boot Bucker Aba Boot Bucker Aba Boot Bucker and inside those Aba Boot Bucker are more Aba Boot Bucker so technically... Aba: Aba: Aba: Aba: Aba Boot Bucker Boot Bucker Boot Bucker Boot Bucker What is this? Some sort of never-ending Schrodinger's Aba Boot Bucker? Reminds me of me when I was 13, seeing x = x + y made me think: Hey, so x = (((((∞)+y)+y)+y)+y)
  20. Skyrim leeks are waaaay better than your Vahnatai crop (crap), just take a look at those irresistible stalks growing from the rich plains of Whiterun. Trenton would even vouch for this quality crops.
  21. Jeff should add these little things for immersion, and at least some neat rewards. A wishing well would be one, or maybe the sword in the stone thing wherein everyday, you can visit the stone with a 1% chance to pull it out, where the chances are raised depending on your luck skill.
  22. Running in a Windows 8 64-bit laptop on a balanced performance mode, getting steady 60 fps on Avadon 4GB ram Intel HD 4000 Intel i5 Strange, mine uses up only 2% of CPU, my highest was 10%. I don't know how Avadon manages to use up yours so badly, but maybe the number of cores would be the answer? I don't know about Mac, but that's just weird. Laptop's not heating up that bad either, even if it's in laptop (get it? because lap-top? it's on the top of my lap?)
  23. Does it have a 1 x 10-1337 chance of actually giving your wish or is it used mainly for immersion? Kinda wasted about 20 gold and I don't know if it actually works.
  24. Mine is set to 100% but my laptop never overheated even once. Just stay on one place, use a table instead of a pillow, be in a cold room, clean your system, be sure to run one program at a time etc.
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