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  1. A +1 topic turned into a some kind of mashup (tl;dr) discussion? I wanna join too! Another +1 for me
  2. adc.

    Hail Sithis

    Dammit Trent, seeing the title and the number of posts already gave me a nosebleed. Anyway, I just hope I'm not too late... Plus, smuggle me some skooma will you?
  3. On Windows, go to your A:EFTP directory by right-clicking the shortcut, then choosing the open file location. From there, look for the folder with the set of .ogg files, then look for a program to open them, look... I mean listen to the files you want to replace them with. For example, you wanted to replace SND_123.ogg, with MetalMusic.mp3, you must convert MetalMusic.mp3 with a converter, then rename it to SND_123. Overwrite the original SND_123.ogg, or better, back it up at first. For MAC, idk ----- -Nightwatcher
  4. Prazac might be able to fix your problem, just ask nicely.
  5. adc.


    I saw it as a random pic, but I was the one who thought of the captions, so (10+6)/2=16/2= 8/10 ----- -Nightwatcher
  6. adc.


    Hey Trent, wanna buy some Thu'um?
  7. I completely agree. And I play games for completionism, because that's the whole point of the game, not only the main quests, but also the side quests, so I can grind out every juice of it. ---- -Nightwatcher
  8. Ha! I told you that game would be a better-than-decent (can't find a fitting word) one! Sadly, I haven't found a game with the similar feeling as Geneforge, except for KOTOR, 3d turn-based with an excellent storyline with a rating of 9.3 in IGN. ----- -Nightwatcher
  9. Is there a way to add/alter the crafting using the enchanted anvil script in Geneforge 5 or any? ----- -Nightwatcher
  10. That explains why they don't have the same narrative world. None, because Spiderweb is unique. . . . . . Idk, Knights of the Old Republic maybe? It's cool, but I don't think it has a Mac OS version. Hearing of the emulators, it might work though. ----- -Nightwatcher
  11. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEFFFFFFFFFFFFFORRRRRRRRRRRGEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OOOOOOOOOONNNEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== Geneforge in a nutshell: Creations vs. Creators | Creations rebelled after they grew themselves a brain, aided by rogue creators who broke the rules. Terrestria was then plunged to war, pick a side! Choose a side! Take a side! ===== Avernum in a nutshell: Rebel vs. Empire | Rebels, misfits, petty criminal and those who are not meant to live in the surface are sent to the underworld, never to see the sun again. After that, they want to take revenge to those who oppressed them. Typically, you are one of them. ===== Exile: ??? ===== Nethergate in a nutshell: Romans vs. Celtics with real magic | Yes ===== Avadon: ??? Was trying to avoid spoilers. ---- -Nightwatcher
  12. I got an Avernum 1 CD when I was about 5 years old, 2003 I think. I don't exactly remember Avernum as the game on the CD, but I could remember the skull icon as you die. It had several games on it, though only one got me interested: Robin Hood The Legend of Sherwood. I liked that game a lot that I played it on weekends even though I repeated the crap a million times as it is only a demo since my dad didn't care about games. But that wasn't the time I liked Spiderweb. So two suggestions Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood Civilization: Call to Power ----- -Nightwatcher
  13. I have no experience with girls whatsoever because boys and girls are separated due to the Muslim traditions inside this country. No offense meant though. I'm about to give you an advice which has a desirable-or-not effect. I warned you. That is my advice to you, my Argonian friend. ----- -Nightwatcher
  14. How dare you insult the Dragonb... wait... that's it? Not rep +1? Thanks for pointing that out, I just got a +too 2 ----- -Nightwatcher
  15. This post mentioned a +1, yet, not one of us got one. Kelandon you ultimate god of irony. ----- -Nightwatcher
  16. Reminds me, what does drinking booze do to you? Does it have harmful/beneficial effects? ----- -Nightwatcher
  17. Nooooooooooooo0oooooooo! ----- -Nightwatcher
  18. adc.

    Jeff's editors

    True, true. ----- -Nightwatcher
  19. adc.

    Jeff's editors

    Ha! Then my theory is correct. The editor must be so complicated, that only Overlord Jeff can understand it. Some polishing and developing and we could get a taste of those neat Geneforge editors, ty for the answers. ----- -Nightwatcher
  20. adc.

    Jeff's editors

    If Jeff used a program similar to BoA editor to create the Avernum series, then doesn't it fit when Jeff made the Geneforge games with an editor he himself created? I got no interesting topics to post lately, but this just struck through my mind. ----- -Nightwatcher
  21. *shakes fist* Where's our cursed Geneforge remakes?!?!?! ----- -Nightwatcher
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