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  1. since this topic got popular and we are talking about canned can someone unban my account please Yours Sincerely, The Boogyman. Joined on Oct 11 2002 05:00 PM Member · 775 posts
  2. Arancaytar Zephyr Tempest Order Mage TGM Terror's Martyr Alec X The Club of All Desperance
  3. My Point ( . ) ------------ You how about you stop trying to justify your roleplaying by citing the habits of others and instead let me know how you feel.
  4. My point was not that these members were anti-roleplayers, but that these members kept the forums from the state they are currently in.
  5. Zephyr Tempest Order Mage TGM Terror's Martyr Alec X The Club of All Desperance No offense but Spidwed looks like it has finally turned into yet another haven for nerds to roleplay. If you remember the old forums with above members, let me know how you feel.
  6. I think its easy to treat the addiction if you buy a truckload of skribbane, if your really serious about using it that is.
  7. The one day i felt daring enough to attempt to kill a Doomguard i used wall of blades alot, if my memory is correct it did not split the guards and also dealt alot of damage.
  8. Your suggestion/question is actualy a good idea, in my opinion... Your best bet for now is to email the developers, and continue on from there
  9. *shivers* This should be moved to the general forum,would be nice to hear others opinions.
  10. Well,the way i get my strong weapons is the easy way,i make a scenario and stuff it full of my god items,and i use em..
  11. I for some odd reason like Quickghouls alot.
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