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    A Dream

    I don't know about Baldur's Gate, but do you mean creating a party then using them for different scenarios made by members? Well, Jeff has it. If you have bought the complete saga from GOG.com (which costs about $12), then you have it, it's called Blades of Avernum Welcome to Spiderweb Software, please leave your sanity at the door, a problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer, driver_irql_not_less_or_equal
  2. None, because I don't like movies? Well, if anime are included, I still don't watching. My last anime was Strike the Blood which I watched three months ago.
  3. I don't know about this, but I'd choose to live with both. Although I am slightly biased to games, not stories, well to be more specific, "novels", do novels count? Of course it does, well, dammit Kel, your post made a point. Amaranth is confused. Amaranth hurt himself in confusion D: Let's just assume novels count as stories. When we went back to our home country at 2010, I brought my netbook with me and spent the whole vacation playing TF2 with me having fun with 10 fps. I did have fun killing bots, raising levels harder, playing 1 v 1 against my brother with us having the Cloak and Dagger invis watch equipped. By 2012, dad bought me this Win 8 i5 laptop for Christmas and then I unleashed my l337 5k1llz against those who laughed at my once sluggish reflexes. By 2013, we went back again to our home country for a vacation. My father didn't allow us to bring our laptops anymore since he assumed we would just repeat the play-all-day long thing at vacation. So I brought with me my The Alchemist novel written by Paolo Coelho, a novel which our English teacher told us to read as part of the curriculum. Well, I didn't get the story at first, so I re-read the novel on my free time. And every time I opened the book, I learned something new. Conclusion: Using TF2 as an example of a nice but story-less game and a well-made novel, I think novels would benefit me more.
  4. Reminds me of pickpocketing in Skyrim when I stole an item with a 9% chance, and got caught by stealing with a 98% chance. Damn, that 2% such a badass
  5. The art looks amazing, about to download the game. It is guaranteed not to have those "jump scare" stuff yes? Dawwww, sorry I have no credit card yet. I might be able to donate at 2016 perhaps?
  6. I'll try it today, haven't posted for almost a week here, so um, I hope this would suffice
  7. adc.

    Goodbye for now

    At first, I thought another legend of Spiderweb was gone, but then What a relief Anyway, see ya soon Diki
  8. adc.

    Weird VRAM size

    So I must belong to the 2048 GB group? Alright, good to know, I recently assumed that it might be from my tampering of the virtual paging file size.
  9. adc.

    Weird VRAM size

    So, I wanted to know my V RAM for no reason at all, well, to set the texture memory size of some games of course. I downloaded a program called CPU-Z or something and when I checked my vram size, it's exactly 1802. Which I found was bizarre as most people have 512, 1024, 2048 idk if there are more. So what category should my vram fall to? The 1.5 and above?
  10. I think Avadon will be in his priority, so Jeff would probably remake the Avernum series in a few years time. Following that, maybe Geneforge too.
  11. adc.

    1 year 'til college

    They said I could be anything... So I want to be an electrical engineer. (Sorry, I can't make up a joke on that ) I actually want to be a computer IT as it computer savvies are in need today. But I did notice that almost 80% of our class would take IT too, so I kinda chose the electrical engineer stuff. Not my first choice, but I think I'll go with its benefits: Electrical Engineer: +My dad is one, he could guide me if I were to be one +Not a mainstream choice in our class +My relatives recommend this too -Not really my favorite, but it has its advantages Information Technology: +I do know a few basics (such as making a program with VB etc.) +What I wanted to be -My classmates' choice (so if I were to be one, I need to be the best of the best) -Not recommended by my relatives Well, I couldn't choose between the two, really.
  12. adc.

    1 year 'til college

    Yeah, exactly what in our summer review mentor said. My dad also bought a few, thick tome-sized books for some exam test preparation for SAT. Luckily, I could scan the book and absorb the tips written in there. Thank you guys for your help, now I feel much more confident than my desperate side before
  13. That's also a reason why I prefer my touchpad over a mouse, especially when playing NVW Shadowmantle on the cold hours of the morning while my dad and my other brother slept. I had to spam the mouse button which made repeated noises. I even looked up in the net (which was stupid of me) on how to silence the mouse using the control panel sound options.
  14. Headshot with a wheel wtf. Good to know I'm not the only one. Oh yeah, save a few milliseconds by chatting on your friends and scrolling with the touchpad. It's so near that I scroll my FB posts with my thumb while chatting with my friends
  15. I prefer my touchpad over mouse at every game, may it be TF2, Skyrim, Witcher, Deus Ex etc. aiming for the head is much better with a touchpad for me. It kinda started because my brother and I shared the cursed netbook playing online games + Spidweb ones. One day, the mouse fell off his double decker bed and it broke. It was really ungrateful for me asking my dad to buy a new one, so I had no choice but to use the touchpad. Touchpad gaming also had its benefits. Bringing our laptop to school, playing games when teachers are not around. > Then my classmates are like "Woah, you play TF2 without a mouse? What badass." But it looks like I'm the only one in here using touchpad for gaming
  16. Just making poll regarding these things. My friends think I'm weird because I play games without a mouse. It's as easy as playing with a mouse. Are there anyone else who prefers touchpads over a mouse? Or is it just me .-.
  17. Alright, thanks for the ideas g... What in Oblivion... you can make an engineer in Avernum?
  18. adc.

    1 year 'til college

    It is used to determine who is accepted. So as long as you are one of the top tens, you're in the university. Plus, it's simple shading, so they won't care about your solutions. A handful of my classmates will probably cheat so that's kinda lame.
  19. It'll be 1 year until I go to college and take the exam where only a number of students will be accepted, regardless of the passing mark. I wanted to make my parents proud and show them that the time they spent nourishing and taking care of us will not go to waste. So I am aiming for the most prestigious university in our country. So yeah, it's probably related into study habits that will affect the outcomes and stuff. But if there are others, please do let me know, or anything else that I'll need to know before it's too late. Just a favor from a two-year, loyal member of these forums. tl;dr 1 year 'til college, should I change my study habit? Anything to help poor Nightwatcher pass the entrance exam?
  20. So I recently started playing AV3 again because Skyrim was too lonely. I went with this build Berserker/Tank Soldier/Damage Priestess/Healer Sorcerer/Damage iz dis gud bild? Typical build I'd say. So what are your builds guys? I was thinking of a more exotic build though. But idk how I should do it
  21. How about Dawnguard? Vampire hunters or something, in the old fort near Riften, might consider joining up myself.
  22. I got 3, ain't a vampire. Good. Because... I'm a
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