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  1. And chocolate milk came from brown cows. ----- -Nightwatcher
  2. adc.


    Wot. I just got +1 for my total posts, ty ----- -Nightwatcher
  3. The stolen weapon itself is the reward. In picking their pockets, you could steal their coins, scrolls, potions, weapons and other items. Armors are obviously excluded from the list for obvious reasons. If an item is unique or valuable, the chances for the item to be stolen would be low. But I can see that Jeff had made the Shadowwalkers more like a ninja and less of a rogue/thief, so, there might not be a pickpocketing feature. ----- -Nightwatcher
  4. How about giving the Shadowwalker or all the characters a stealth mode skill? This way, you can reach characters and stabbing them from behind if it is high enough. Or a pickpocket ability with a chance to steal their weapons, leaving them unarmed? I know it sounds like Skyrim, but please mister Jeff? ----- -Nightwatcher
  5. Yes. Character Editors are simpler than the game editor itself or something, so they're different. Dialogue can be altered and most stuff, but not the mobs as it is in the game editor itself. ----- -Nightwatcher
  6. Salty because salt is what flavours some bland food. Sweet because Break likes cake. But I'd go for super-sweet diabeetus than super-salty, because I like sweetrolls than salt. But I voted for salty. ----- -Nightwatcher
  7. Night "Spam" Watcher Spam Watcher ----- -Nightwatcher
  8. That's nice. If you need some help, or a partner, I'll be here. ----- -Nightwatcher
  9. I agree with Slarty's post, Geneforge 3 has actual dialogues and stuff, which again reminds me of KOTOR. Greta and Alwan will talk to you often at times, and they'll argue about something else too. In Geneforge 4, you can (I think) hire a creature from the pens in Perikalia or something. Jeff should consider adding mercs too at later games. ----- -Nightwatcher
  10. I felt the same way too, but in MMORPGs, the one where you have to accept all their quests and do them all at the same time. And get rewarded and stuff. Feels more like a chore than adventure itself. Still, the rewards are quite worth it. ----- -Nightwatcher
  11. Aww, you beat me to it. Right click the game shortcut>Go to properties>Go to the compatibility tab>Tick the run this compatibility mode box thing>Choose what suits the game best (recommended Windows 7 or Windows XP SP3) ----- -Nightwatcher
  12. I knew it was a faulty memory. Maybe it is in Jeff's Geneforge editor (which I've always wanted to get my hands on). So it's a no no. ----- -Nightwatcher
  13. Dunno about that, but I think you can. It's either true or a faulty memory, but I have edited a shop script in on of the Spiderweb games and stuff... If that's what you mean. ----- -Nightwatcher
  14. Quoth the raven, 'Nevermore' ----- -Nightwatcher
  15. I got green, Shaper (-5.5 and another -5.5) I am a pure-blooded Shaper! Bow down to me you !@#$% Plus, things like these should be stickied. ----- -Nightwatcher
  16. Exactly as I needed, the liek is all all yours ---- -Nightwatcher
  17. Nvm the Geneforge 4 map, I found one. ----- -Nightwatcher
  18. QUEST: I need full maps of both Geneforge 4 and 5, but more importantly, Geneforge 5. >What's my reward? I'd give your post a like (+1 reputation) if you brought me those. >How do I get that? You must have at least been to the lower half of Geneforge 5, and the upper half of Geneforge 4, much better if all the cities are unlocked (or prior to finishing the game itself). Or if you got a link, post it here. >Never mind that (refuse quest). Suit yourself >tl;dr wat ----- -Nightwatcher
  19. Nice work Ganduv, shouldn't the mods sticky this thread or link it on the resources part? ----- P.S. To new members who don't know what, where and how to use this editor, the first part is on the crystal spire on The Foundry that connects to the pylon. The second one is on the first sign you see on when entering Minallah from The Foundry. <----- (You should also add these) ----- -Nightwatcher
  20. Hey it's Ganduv again, welcome back, it's been a year or two since you returned (although, I highly doubt that you know me, which is creepy ). ------ I think the script had gone missing a while back, gonna wait for it anyway. ------ -Nightwatcher
  21. Because Spiderweb is so unique... it's so beautiful yet so unmainstream. ----- -Nightwatcher
  22. I didn't know that the 1% was that resilient... . . . . . I've turned really spammy, I guess I should stop posting by now... ----- -Nightwatcher
  23. The universe (99% correct prediction by me) will stay the same in less than 1 Earth hour. ----- -Nightwatcher
  24. I remembered BMA created an alpha fan-made walking fyora, I forgot exactly where it was. ----- -Nightwatcher
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