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    Weak WiFi

    Also noticed that too. We once got a decent 3g router which we used for 3 or 4 years, and it was ultra stable, I rarely spike in games and stuff. By the time we moved to our new apartment, my dad bought almost the best one the company had to offer: a 4g Huawei one. My ping on a few games on the first month was stable and the same with the old one, and my normal DL speed was 1.5-2.5 mbps. After a few months it sucked. EDIT: There are a bunch of solutions out there, but I prefer the more software-ish type. If there are none at all, then I might as well stick to Witcher and Skyrim Although, danke for the replies Chewie and Beatrice
  2. adc.

    Weak WiFi

    Huw ti fiks wik wy fy? Ok, first of all, don't tell me to put the wifi inches away from my laptop. If that was the solution, I would not be posting here, as I would have done that long ago. I'm approximately 4 meters away from the router yeah, and I'm getting about 3-4 bars. There are two walls obstructing the signal as the room I'm on has a bathroom in between. I accept the fact that my signal is weak and my connection is unstable because of the obstructions etc. But I opened my old netbook I once used long ago, and its signal is 4 bars constant and the connection is pretty stable. And my brother who has a lamer laptop (an older and almost breaking down Asus i3) still gets a decent connection even if he's 8-10 meters away from the router. tl;dr your rants: A netbook and a crappier laptop beats a year old, HP i5 which I haven't tormented yet. In terms of wi-fi Netbook, Intel Atom, Samsung, 4 years old - Windows 7 Crappy Laptop, Intel Core i5, Asus, overheats a lot, 3 years old - Windows 7 My decent i5 laptop, doesn't overheat, cleaned once every two months, 1 year old - Windows 8 I suspect it must be the OS Any help appreciated
  3. I... believe... in... ****** No, I'm not going to start another Warring Threads of Spiderweb. Sticking to the topic, yes I do believe in fate, and your actions are those that bend fate little remarkably, a little only or not at all. So I believe in both fate and the outcomes of our actions. EDIT: Forgot to post this as it was on the tip of my tongue Fate to me is the outcome of your actions set in a far future where you can barely twist it to your will, or something that's predetermined with relations to your actions or not btw, why bring up this topic? Mere curiosity?
  4. Fungus... fungus... fungus... maybe you meant Avernum 6? The one where a great famine spread across the underworld because of some fungus turning food and crops to garbage? Anyhow, welcome to Spiderweb Software, Stendarr's mercy upon you, for the Vigil has none to spare.
  5. What are those? Oh yeah, and have a fiery day guys... you know... St. George's day... dragon slaying... a pun I made?.... I h8 u all .-.
  6. You... haerhuntr, y u do dis?
  7. I... think... I've had enough of my share with the Internet. :| Yes, we would have a larger pelvic girdle. But I voted the last one.
  8. I got Jon, but I don't have any particular idea what this show/novel is all about. I took the test for obvious reasons.
  9. Not a mod? How did that happen Re-reading the quote saves you from humiliation :| And as for the 2nd paragraph... noted.
  10. Why of course! Anything for a moderator of... wait... Diki? Is that you? Either I am telling the truth or my name spoke Going back to Slarty's post... I agree with him, as people have different opinions and choices. Our likes might be someone else's dislike etc. That's also the reason why I kinda hate posting my self-related opinions here as it is not guaranteed to be compatible with others' Yeah and that, I also tried splitting up the thread with the Sunhallowed Elven Arrows, unfortunately, Trintan isn't online to help me spread the plague.
  11. All does not end well when we bust out our cage
  12. Can I add my own descriptions to custom items at Jeff's scripts? There are many sundorwundor swag that adds their own description. For example it_extra_description = x etc. If so, where can I place that extra description?
  13. Oh no. You must give the snow elf guy some elven arrows to get this. The only way to defeat Harkon though.
  14. Well, I've got no choice then. Seems no one would waste their time looking for strengths and weaknesses of undead. Danke for your time
  15. Not really, but is there some sort of resistances/weakness one should be aware of? Such as undead are resistant to cold but weak at fire damage. If so, I would love to know every single creature's weakness, if it exists that is. Bonus question: Is there an item that deals more damage to undead? Other than the legendary bastard sword artifact that we know of. Spoilers welcome. EDIT: As I suspected, adventurers need payment I'll give you a +1 to your post
  16. 4.) Nope. But you would want to keep some bags of sugar, because they're rare.
  17. How about the story with a badass dragon-language shouting Nord guy who meets up a century-old vampire lady (who also has some badass powers by pelting sharp ice and raising the undead)? And then they travel to dimensions where you don't even know if you're still in Tamriel, hoping to stop her father from fulfilling the prophecy that 'the vampires will no longer fear the tyranny of the sun'. And at the end of the quest, the Nord guy wears an amulet of Mara and asks the vampire lady if she could marry him. She will only say she knows the Nord guy is a great man, but he just can't stand the sight of Riften's temple and stuff. How about we become just friends? I hate you Serana
  18. Ahh, danke mein freund, now it made much more sense, I also encountered this on BoA a year ago
  19. I don't know if I'm wrong or I didn't understand the OP, but it's all snow Anyway, a great start for a BoG, keep it up!
  20. ty, I'll try it out today, and I'll update this post if I sense (claw)bugs
  21. Awwwwwweeeeesssssooooooooooommmeeeee!!! I didn't know you guys were in a super ultra nice project. If you ever need a beta tester, be sure to P.M. me
  22. I've seen that shade before, and the roamer too. Must be an outdated version of Geneforge 1, since I played the demo from WildTangent. So it's basically an old version of Geneforge, and the walls have changed their colors too. Oh and the shade gave me my first chill-to-the-spine, I didn't even notice it was there, a dialogue suddenly appeared from nowhere and gave me a mini-heart attack.
  23. Hmm... Yes, though it was another bug need a squishin' You can also get another plate (assuming you have lost it) by killing the Shaper at Harmony Isle, which is impossible unless you used the dbugkill cheat.
  24. Don't listen to them! I am the one and only Geneforge expert: M'ike the Fibber. No you won't get killed, try attacking them, see? They won't kill you because your powers are far inferior to them. But for some reason, the Kyshakk will drop a special enchanted anvil called Radiating Kyshakk Skin. Combine it with some perfect Fyora Scales and some Madrake Tincture, then you will get the Daedric War Shield, which gives you a 20% chance to stun an enemy everytime they hit you.
  25. In Geneforge 5, I prefer a party full of clawbugs, but leaving me with full essence; a game glitch I tell ya Steps to get full essence with a full party of clawbugs Requirement: Servile race 1.) You must have adequate essence to shape 7-8 clawbugs 2.) Everytime a clawbug levels up, you must absorb it or it won't refresh 3.) You must not change any of them throughout the entire game That's basically it, idk why's this game so clawbuggy But on Skyrim, although the max is 32 characters (using the console of course), I prefer a healer only. I tried playing with a mage, another mage, a healer and me as a tank but found out the game became way too easy, so easy that I didn't need my potions anymore. So I kinda guess it varies from game to game
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