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  1. In Windows 7, you can fix this by running in Compatibility Mode. Don't know about Win10, though.
  2. No, I didn't get greeted by the commander. No, I have used the editor, but have never, ever used the "teleport to X" cheat in any SS game. I've only ever used the item/character editor and (in A3) changed the day. So I have no idea what might have happened. I'm using a general dark square - In the BoA version, it looks like it will capture the mood of the scene. Oh, so it's not an animated tile or anything like that. I was kinda wondering if I could take a crack at it, but I probably wouldn't do any good, anyway (and I'd need screenshots of the BoE scenes with the
  3. Oh, it's absolutely great, but yeah, it's a big scenario. Bigger than it looks, because there are two major story forks, so much like A Small Rebellion, it's one of those scenarios that you have to replay in order to see/get everything. Oh, a warning: if you play it, then keep all of your loot on hand until you fight the thieves in that riverside cottage. Then drop your extra loot there. It's one of the few safe places to keep your stuff because most of the locations go through major plot/map changes that will gobble up any items you left lying around. There's a drea
  4. Ooh, I love your ports of Alcritas! *Salivates* His Beyond Good And Evil one is possibly my favorite scenario. I didn't finish it though because I encountered a plot-killing glitch. See, I defeated the dragon using the Genie for help (after using that other dragon to get me to the cave faster) I defeated the dragon without any of the Nephil/soldiers/etc. dying. They left (I can't remember what the text was), then... when I got back to the towns, they acted like nothing had happened-- e.g. same dialogue and everything from before I defeated the dragon. Except that I couldn't go to the fi
  5. I eventually have plans to create some custom sprites (no scenarios though, because I am not a programmer) Mostly just enhanced palette swaps or polishing up some of the old, original item sprites *e.g. the staff, the earrings*, but I also have two, maybe 3 characters in the works (currently one is 1/4th done and the other is 1/2 done. A third character that I have in mind has not been started on yet) Haven't touched them since 2017, though. I might get back to them, soon, hopefully. Hopefully. Also have thought about making an egg, some marbles, and some joke items-- probabl
  6. The walkthrough actually says that it is Skane, and I'm supposed to kill Sorali. Is that correct?
  7. Bain: Thank you. Ooooohhh, so that's what the purpose of that lake full of gems is. Another question: How do you get the Vahnatai caches to open? My understanding is that each one "opens" only on a single day of the year, and that the days are mentioned in certain places throughout the scenario. However, When I played the scenario, I got all the way to Radiance 38-- How many days until the next month? Or is this a bug?
  8. Falconmaster tells me to go "west, north, then west" and to go "west of here", but there's nothing to do at Skane. My quest is to enter the mist realm, but nobody in the game or in the readmes tells me how to do this (the mirror mage is dead, of course) To the creator of this scenario, this should really be mentioned in the help/readme/notes file.
  9. As if I didn't have enough reasons for hating the new layout... Thank you, I will try that.
  10. So what is the solution? Nobody even mentions it here. A whole topic dedicated specifically to that (I was going to make a thread asking until I saw this topic, no point in cluttering the board with multiple identical threads from different people) How do I get past Chika? You can't search or attack the statues, so what is the solution?
  11. BainIhrno, how do I get the Roy G Biv panel to work? I looked at the script, and it looks like you have to enter R, O, Y, G, B, I, V one by one, and I did that, but it does nothing. The Blades scenario database. Downloaded it a second time just to make sure. There is a .__readme file, but no readme or similar file.
  12. How do you set compatibility mode? Oh, another annoyance is that when a second dialogue window pops up, it appears in a separate game window, so I have to press ctrl alt del to bring up the task manager, then click on that second window in my desktop tray or whatever you call the icon bar at the bottom of the screen. I'm reluctant to email them, though. Isn't BoA something that Jeff doesn't like to be reminded of or hear about?
  13. Jeff Vogel doesn't routinely check these forums, so like it or not, email is your best option if you want to contact someone who's able to help you at this point. support@spiderwebsoftware.com is the address to use. Wait, Jeff actually answers tech support emails? I always assumed it was you and other forum moderators.
  14. By "contact Spiderweb", do you mean in the tech support forum, or some sort of email? Because I prefer not to do email, as there will be no community to light their feet to the fire if they ignore me or remind them to get to my problem if they genuinely forgot.
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