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Found 3 results

  1. It has been two hundred years since the Great Shaping War ended and the land settled into an uneasy peace between the old Shaping order of Terrestia and the victorious rebels of Sucia. The peace has been unstable, and often in name only. Cooperation between the two great powers was high at first, as uncontrolled Shaping was reined in and wild rogues hunted down jointly. The bitter process of rebuilding, though, and the constant demands by both sides for reparations have left relations tense. The occasional mad Lifecrafter vying for power has left the Shapers bitterly suspicious of Sucia; t
  2. Howdy! After the discussion about having a play-by-post RP, I'm proud to announce that it's now happening! A few words on the setting for the uninitiated. Geneforge is actually a fairly low magic universe. There's no portals, no massive weapons of death, no mind control. The big exception is Shaping, in which Shapers (or Lifecrafters) magically create new life, mostly obedient. There are four sentient species. Humans, Serviles (humanoids made to be slaves), Drayks (small, sentient dragons that act like a stereotypical dragon), and Drakons (larger, two-legged walking dragons, typically arr
  3. We were once a great civilization. We were the explorers, the colonists, the conquerors of all that came before us. We harnessed the power of the stars to travel the heavens. It seemed nothing could stop us. That is, nothing except ourselves. When I was young, my grandfather talked about the olden days. About the ships that came from the stars, carrying masses of people and goods, mighty steel beasts falling out of the sky. About the prosperity and happiness that permeated the land. Every person lived without fear, free to wander the planet's beautiful landscapes and perfectly-terrafor
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