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favorite monster


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well my personal favorite would have to be.......


.................... Empire Dervish, also known as the never-ending monster of the week for, "The Dungeon of Exile."


Speaking of that, that website is a really good website for Exilians that need help on a quest or to solve a plauge. Try it sometime. And it has music.

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Doom guard all the way!. I tryed hudreds of time to get that thing i my soul crystal but still it never worked even when there was one its health was almost completely depleated, paralized and asleep i still couldnt get it. Although I did get that one mage with the green and dark red robe with the little hat thingy on . It took alot of times to get it.. But it was for sure worth it .

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I've discussed this with my fellow personalities. Gotta go with the Vahnatai. Reasons:

1: They make slimes

2: They made Alien Beasts

3: Theyre cool

4: They eat lots of shrooms

5: There was once an advertisment for a food seller (i think it was vahnatai) that said "Minimum bad hallucinations"

6: They're cool


However, for some reason Jeff underplayed them. I think that in Exile 3 for example, ANY group of adventurers trying to break through 3 fortifications of Vahnatai would have been slaughtered horribly.

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