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  1. I've been rereading James Herriot - probably the only series that compares to diskworld novels in humor for me. Good books for animal lovers too!
  2. Bump - but I've spent a lot of time over the past month trying to optimize the selection of acceptable solutions to something like the example problem, and I was amazed to find something on the subject here! I hadn't even realized that it was a studied subject.
  3. An excellent "school days" book is Talion, by Stackpole. I'm not a huge fan of most of his books, but that one is quite amazing in its dual interlinked plot perspective. (and oh dear, I seem to be repeating myself from about three years ago.) As to the actual question, I've been reading the Vorksagian series by Lois McMaster Bujold. Good enough writing, tis an enjoyable read.
  4. She could be a shade. Or a martyr for some cult. In fact, I would find it rather odd if her influence had faded entirely by A5. Just so long as she isn't still the prime motivator, she (or her memory) could have some place in the game without me finding it bad.
  5. Quote: Originally written by Skrat: Perhaps the next storyline has already been laid. Throughout the Geneforge series, there have references to past civilizations that have been either waylaid or gone extinct. These have been referred to as being extremely powerful though much mystery surrounds them. Maybe Jeff can build a plot around a re-discovery of an old hidden race (neither Shaper or Drakon) that has been disturbed by post-war expansion. This could open doors to all kinds of creations and magical beings that are set loose upon the rest of the world and it is up to the Shapers (or Rebels) to defend us from their destruction. They could even be lead by Spectral beings.... I trust that there will be more adventures and conquests, and I will be ready to enlist! Reminds me of Avernum. New, extremely powerful alien race, hmmm. I haven't played G4 yet, but I think I'd be likely to agree with Stareye, something fresh would be nice.
  6. There are programs that force windowed mode on programs. I'm being lazy right now, but a simple google search should work, or perhaps someone here has recomendations. Googling might turn up a lot of keylogs/malware though as well.
  7. Just get one of the third party trainers. I believe most of them are posted around here somewhere. Or you can do it the old fashion'd way.
  8. Hmm, most people were missing the area effect spells of exile in A1-3, but there were some situations where target spells would be better. Arrows of death was always fun in Exile.
  9. Whoops, yes A3. And I meant before the disaster. But I guess there can't be much there if its not possible. Just another frustrating place one can't get to.
  10. Say, is it possible to get into Linda's portion of the Tower of Magi in X2? I never did get across those ruins on the floor. "This is Linda's quarters, please leave"
  11. Not sure what you mean by find tools. All you have to do to talk to the crystal is walk into the room where it is. Perhaps you already talked to it? Try going to Formello and showing the crystal to the mayor. If you can't get it to work, you may have to restart your game.
  12. To get across the river, you don't even need to go into Almaria. Just go farther north, into an abandoned farm (it might not be abandoned I don't quite remember) and explore that tunnel system. There might be some sort gate in there though. If thats the case, go through the smuggler tunnel, enter Almaria, go counterclockwise(if you want to avoid people that is) around the shade into the ruined building on the opposite corner of the shade's square, and enter the tunnel system there.
  13. As likely as not the mayor got killed by the shade. You can lead the shade almost anywhere. I've never had a problem with it myself, beyond the odd guard or two, but you can get the shade to follow you almost anywhere. If only they could go up stairs you could kill Micah with one.
  14. They are teleporters once you reach Fort Avernum.
  15. Was it just me, or do you not actually need 10 rat tails for the quest? I took 8 to him and he ended the quest. Oh, and for the question, Hrickis is in the very north-east of the cave.
  16. You can pre-order? -I must be missing that on the order form.
  17. It could be that encounters with a certain set of random(or preset)characters could only end in hostility. That would kill the load_save addiction.
  18. Really? I've moved the games from my old computer to my new computer without having to re-enter my code. *shrug*
  19. Eh, I know Kel has the registered version, but you might want to be careful with just mailing them out. Perhaps just the graphics would be better.
  20. Eh, I don't think we were talking real time, or is there actually a time system in place... I don't remember one.
  21. Quote: Originally written by Structured Water: Consensus seems to be that there isn't actually any way to make Ur-Drakons in Geneforge 3. Short of using the editor. If you get 3 in the skill, it is quite possible to create an Ur, but I don't know how possible it is to get 3... Perhaps 2 canisters and a shop? Or twice at a shop, and a canister?
  22. The second option would be weird, as you could still capture it, but it just wouldn't work to use it. It would seem like a 'bug' though I suppose people would figure it out soon enough. Edit: Oh, right, I've never used that spell so I kinda assumed it would be the same. Yuck.
  23. Could it be done by first teleporting them into the special rectangle? Or do they actually have to 'step' in it?
  24. As far as I remember, you push the buttons,(spin the wheels?) in the order that you find them. The way I did it was just going around trying to walk through walls constantly. Pushing one button opens up the path to the second, the second to the third, the third to the fourth, and so on... The first I believe was to the right(west) of the gatehouse (entrance) to the final area, one was in the far northwest wall, one in the northeast wall, and I believe there was one in the southeast wall. More then that I can't tell you.
  25. I never tried going to this 'secret place' as a loyalist. Will it not let you in? Can you return there after you leave as a rebel?
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