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  1. Just bought Avernum 5 since it came out for Windows, and . . . SHEEEEEEEEIIIIT! . . . there's a reference to Tom Waits's "Down in the Hole" very early in the game, in New Harston. I mentioned on the Geneforge boards not too long ago that I was recently replaying Geneforge 2, and noticed the Loyalist encampment soldiers named Bunk, Kima, and Macnulty. There are also minor characters named Avon and Stringer in Geneforge 3. Are there other references to the greatest show in the history of television hidden throughout Spiderweb games? Jeff, are you going to tell, or do we need to hunt for t
  2. Geneforge 3 has two minor characters named Stringer and Avon, as well.
  3. People should watch this show, by the way. It's too bad that its audience has been so small, no doubt because so few people have HBO. But it is worth going out and getting the DVDs or using Netflix to cycle through them. It's important to start with Season 1 and watch each episode in order. All told, it is the greatest show in the history of television -- no exaggeration.
  4. I am playing through Geneforge 2 again. Has anyone noted here before that the Shapers in the Loyalist Encampment are Bunk, Kima and MacNulty? I was playing through as a Barzite, and felt bad killing them.
  5. Apparently the next Spiderweb game in the pipeline is another in the Geneforge series, but I just wanted to put in a plug for what ought to be added to the next Avernum game: There should be an option for vahnatai player characters. This assumes, of course, that none of the action will take place on the surface (since the vahnatai are sensitive to light). But I was disappointed that it wasn't an option in Avernum IV.
  6. My characters don't get far in exploring Erika's ruins. They step on the runes, and the walls open up, revealing the bandits. After slaughtering them, though, the gate doesn't open. Nor does it open again when they return again and step on the runes again. Is there supposed to be another way in, or am I missing it?
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