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  1. Ok thanx. Sadly, I was looking for a way to change the beggining intro, but oh well. Every time I find a good thing about the editor, I also find a limitation which sadly dampens the entirety of the game.
  2. Now, not to sound lazy or discouraging, but seriously, work around it. Is this a hostile town? If so why would people still be pushing carts around (Unless they're magical). How many carts do you plan on having? Do you realize how much memory it will take up just have the minor cool effect? Death at Chapmans had some cool sound effects in the school, and it screwed the entire level over because of the memory it ate.
  3. Ok, Thanks, but with the move_to_new_town() call, is there another call to put them at a certain x,y? or how would I govern what entrance they would be arriving at?
  4. Ok, first off, that made absolutely NO sense. Learn correct grammar. Second off, go to the link part of SpiderWeb's page, go to the BOA center, download the Item Editor... OR If you want to LEARN how to make items, go to the editor's folder, open the file called BOA editor docs, and go down to the part about custom items. This involves scripting, which if you haven't done any yet, you need to read the entire file before you can do crap...
  5. Ok got a couple questions. 1. Every scenario has a start location in town, and one out of town. However, if I wanted a party to leave a town and end up straight into another (For Example: starting at the bottom level of a dungeon) how would I implement that without having the party appear outdoors until they reached the top level? 2. Is there any way for the introduction to a scenario to be different depending on what race(s) were chosen from the beggining? (BTW I thought about making the exits to the bottom levels be special encounters instead of actual exits, that might work, any
  6. PureSteel Blade, Taker lands, all over the place...
  7. Possibly, but I'm not in my thinking stage yet, it's still before 6:00 PM, I'll look around on the web.
  8. Unfortunetaly (I can never figure out how to spell that) I am horribly bad at making graphics. I was wondering if anyone either knows where there is a graphic of a human limb as an item, or would mind making one up. I would like to make a scenario where it is possible to rip someones arm off and beat them with it. It might be entertaining for a while.
  9. Sigh... The guardian claymore is found in taker lands, valley of the dead or some such nonsense, you have to kill a ghost that is in the shape of a guardian.
  10. Waypoints, thats all I have to say
  11. Quote: Originally written by Garrison: The editor does not have (among other things): An easy way to scroll diagonally and quickly from the keyboard. Shift + 1,4,7,8,9,6,3, or 2 Control + 1,2,3,4,6,7,8, or 9 Edit: not sure about the regular editor, but the 3D does. I would guess it's the same for the regular editor...
  12. Bobo, let it die. This thread is pointless
  13. Oh I have no problem with the post, I don't care what your reasons are, I am just confused as to what type of real life implementation you could ever use this for besides making a scenario with BOA
  14. I have run into the same difficulty. The entire "Updated" thing has confused me, before there were 281 graphics, now there are 272, (crappy ones might have been removed or coloredits might have been moved) but I still see no real change. I would have figured that there would be enough new graphics by now that a significant change would be obvious. (not sure how long you were inactive though)
  15. Although I see absolutely no point to this thread, here it is. The Vahnatai say it when refering to the empire. It is a referance to the fact that because of their greed for Vahnatai magic, the Empire has destroyed itself, hence the snake eating itself whole.
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