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  1. Thanks for the prompt replies. Yeah I played the old one the first half, and never got around to playing the second. I have long since forgotten the plot, but I do not want to fight my way through all of his side quests again. oh well Ill manage. Anyway thank you guys for the help.
  2. Title says it all. Where can I get a complete AC3 scenerio, both halves. Oh and if anyone knows where I could find a walkthrough that would be nice too
  3. Thanks for the advice. Duh, "mission" of course, then I fought the 2 drunken idiots. Now I can continue
  4. Anyone know what to say to savel to get him to join? I have tried all the obvious, "join" phrases, as well as every 4 letter or longer word he says, and I cannot get him to join. ARGGH! help me please someone.
  5. um where exactly can I get roots 1.1?
  6. thanks. Grumble grumble pi is NOT anywhere close to 22/7 grumble grumble. Sometimes more math classes gets you into trouble. Oh and do you actually get anything for solving it, I don't seem to.
  7. Yeah I finally had to just recreate Jonah. Now I have some questions which I am too dumb to figure out myself. 1. In the sticks/math with roman numerals puzzle can anyone give me a hint, It says to look for an approximation, but how can you do that without irrational numbers or decimals? 2. how do you win as opposed to finishing?
  8. I get a message saying, Cast spell: nobody can no menu at all.
  9. You get Draykon Marke by taking one of the keys you find in the orc area to a door in the wizards bazaar, bring a lot of smoky crystals. To get to your commander in the near the tower of wizardry, ask the official about business. As far as I know you cannot get into the talosian embassy nor does the grand structure of thebes ever finish
  10. thanks it worked. However I cannot cast spells except when I am in combat mode, is this normal for the scenerio?
  11. I'll try it. (grumbles about how useless spiderweb is)
  12. Right now I only have 9 scenerio's up, which is far less than capacity, it's something else.
  13. I cannot get quintessence to show up on the custom scenerio menu when I play. I have both the quint.bmp and the quint.exs files in my bladscen folder (I have a pc) and the quint.sav in my blades folder, but the scenerio does not show up. (and yes I did delete a bunch so it isn't a problem with too many scenrios for it to regester.
  14. The GIFTS. No other creature I have ever encountered in an RPG have made me want to punch them so badly.
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