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  1. Go west of fort remote- Have a strong party or all 3 passes and go to the far north in this area. You can fight through all the gates. If you come to a place with two huge statues that spawn basalisks your in the right direction but the wrong place! Don't try to get by this way. Fort Remote is in the far South-west of the Great Cavern
  2. lugubrious pusilanimous misanthropic ignoramous! Seems meaningless? Well I think that it describes many people in this world quite well. (including myself) Heh heh I love thinking that I'm smarter than I really am.
  3. There's a rather long topic on this just a few days back- Put your days setting to 2 or 3 and you should find it. Oh its you again. Heh Heh edit: make that 20 days- boy time flies.
  4. The Mr. in front of TM is almost contradictory. He isn't exactly the paragon of respect- heh heh Edit- Pardon my proliferation of posts- I'm afraid that I've been enjoying myself too much. I can dissapear if it is desired! Not to go into a blue funk or anything like that- I am totally aware that this sounds melodramatic but I really did not mean to offend anybody. Including Rosy
  5. UMMM..... your on the wrong trail. This one leads to the empire teleporter.... Do you have the onyx scepter? No Crystal Souls here. Heh Heh
  6. Walk strait south to red door and enter Walk in this pattern from door s(1)e(5)n(2)e(2)n(1)s(2)e(6)s(6)w(3)s(2)w(2)s(2) e(4)s(4)-exit numerous enemies to fight and some teleportation in the middle
  7. Meh....Sure.....Just upping the ole' post count. Look at me this is my third post!
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