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  1. Oh dang, never mind. Don't know how I kept missing it. I've got it now.
  2. I haven't been able to open any gate going into the center of the keep. Is he in there? And if so, how do I open one of the gates? Thanks again.
  3. I've looked and searched, and so far all I've found for advice here is "kill the wife; go east". I've done those. Now I'm wandering on two levels, in and out of rooms, in and out of his keep, around and around and around. He's nowhere. That is- of course, he's somewhere. But where?! I'm about to give up and see how far I can get in the game skipping this quest. Does anyone have a word of wisdom for me? Thanks ever so.
  4. Thanks! I'm in Avernum 3. I guess I'll have to go to Shayder, since I don't want to start over.
  5. so i started a new game recently, and my mage doesn't have an unlock spell. where do i get a level 1 or 2 unlock spell? anyone know? i can't seem to find an answer anywhere. thanks!
  6. i can't find a walkthrough for this anywhere. someone must have completed this. i haven't been able to get into the closed-off portions of the woodsy tower to the north because i don't have dispel barrier. bummer. was there anything good in there? but i've killed everything. i've gone through the throne room and through a secret door to the south to find an outdoor treasure room. but there's a section north of this treasure room and east of the throne room that i can't get to. trees and a sign saying "this is denied you" are blocking me. and i can't go backward through the building cause- oops- quickfire. i feel too stubborn to just leave and let it go. anyone? help? thanks.
  7. thanks guys! i wound up having to go back to a days' old game. i have no idea what happened...
  8. Thanks, but I'm afraid it doesn't help me. I'm playing Exile II, and the Character Editor doesn't let you reset hostile towns that I can see. I've tried "Unkill Major Characters" (just in case I did accidentally kill someone) and "Leave Town". Neither are helping. poo!
  9. and how can i get her to stop so i can rescue her? anyone? thanks...
  10. that's true, the vampire is a true mac daddy in that fur cape thing.
  11. some items do combine, but they can be a little tricky. at least in exile II. f'rinstance, if my head guy's pack is full, and he's carrying torches, he can't pick up any more. so i have my second guys pick them up. head guy gives second guys his torches, so torches are combined. second guy passes them back to head guy. *whew*
  12. i know it sounds unhelpful, but really, in the longterm... get a mac. i installed OSX and thought there'd be a problem running my old exile games, but not a chance- it just seamlessly starts up OS9. do you need another reason to get a mac?
  13. romans are nice early on, cause they're not always getting stomped on like the celts. but yeah, they're fuddy-duddys. celts are much more fun. and to the person who can identify with the romans, but not with the crazed, woad-wearing celts: you can identify with a group of people who pour oil over themselves instead of bathing? and eat mice? and routinely vomit up their meals just so they have room for second helpings? not me...
  14. the eye beasts, cause they look much weirder than any other monster.
  15. why is sulfras mad at me? i got into sulfras' lair, killed giants and wizards and stuff, and then i went in to rescue her, but she's all hatin' on me! what did i do wrong? and how do i undo it? exile editor doesn't seem to help... has this happened to anyone else?
  16. oh, i found it in case anyone else is looking. there's a teleporter through a secret door to the east of the main entance.
  17. okay, i got in, i killed some people... and now what? i forget how to get inside the building here! all i can do is leave the area, but i know there's more to do. any help would be muchly appreciated. of course, i should really be doing homework...
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